First in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver, Wolf Brother was read by June 5th 2010.

This is actually a pretty awesome young adult book, first in the self same series.  I actually might continue on with it.

It’s the story of an outcast child who turns out to be the prophesized one to basically save the world, with the usual trope of boy-meets-something.  Here it’s boy meets wolf where it’s usually boy meets girl, but you get the idea.

It’s pretty much a coming of age story as well.  The boy in this story is only about 12yrs old and has been separated from people all his life so he acts very childish until he’s tasked with…well..saving the world.  He has to locate 3 sacred pieces of a spirit puzzle and undertake a long and dangerous journey to defeat the Big Bad with remarkably little whining and complaining considering his character to that point and makes great strides in growing up.

Anyone who was read People of the Wolf will get a very familiar vibe from this book, makes me wonder what influenced the other when they wrote this.

Overall not bad.  Might continue on with it in time.