697605A stand alone book by Joanne Trollope, Marrying the Mistress was read by June 6th 2010.

Not something you would normally think to be the topic of a book, but here we are.

Having recently discovered Joanna Trollope’s work, she has quickly become a new favorite of mine. She tends to examine real life, realistic situations and how they come about as well as the reactions of the people involved.

This particular work looking into the reactions and consequences of a married 60 year old male judge leaving his wife of 40 years for a district attorny, a woman half his age. The two had been having an affair for some time, and finally Guy had gotten up the courage to leave his wife for his mistress.

You see the reactions of the ALL the people involved, wife, children, grandchildren – even the mother of the mistress – to the change in the family dynamic. I really enjoyed this part, going through all the relations and the variety of the reactions. There is shock and anger of course, but also there seems to be a sense of wonder permeating the family dynamics, for how often does one fall in love twice in their life, and the second time so late?

Bit of a let down ending in this one. Guy leaves his wife for his mistress and ends up leaving his mistress as well. The personal journey is fascinating, and the reasoning for leaving both women perfectly understandable, but it still leaves you with the feeling of “what was the point?”

Still a good book and worth the read however. Especially for those who are Jodi Picoult fans. Joanna Trollope’s books aren’t as dramatic as Picoult, but both examine all angles of real life situations.