697605A stand alone book by Joanne Trollope, Marrying the Mistress was read by June 6th 2010.

Not something you would normally think to be the topic of a book, but here we are.

This is literally the story of a 60yr old man leaving his wife of 40 years for a woman half his age. It follows the family as they deal with the consequences of his actions, as well as the reactions of everyone involved: wife, children, grandchildren, and in laws.  It’s a drastic upheaval of the family dynamic and what we’re used to seeing in books and society in general.

There was one interesting scene.  The man and mother of the mistress get into a huge fight when he tells her he’s ending it with her daughter, but you don’t really know how the scene ends so it was kinda odd.

The ending was a total let down. I was expecting everyone to come to some kind of cease fire but dude just leaves the mistress as well!  What was the whole point of that if he was just going to be alone in the end?  Does he want to be alone?  We don’t know! It’s all a mystery!

And we’ll never know because Joanna Trollope doesn’t do sequels…