4893586Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt folks.

Second in the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy, we return to our heroes a few months after the events of Swordmage and Hulberg is in trouble.

Pirates stalk the coastlines attack all trade coming into and out of Hulberg’s ports, slowly strangling the city.  Internal strife still looms between the native Hulbergs and the foreigners trying to make a living and whom are unknowingly being led by a priest of Cyric.

The Hulmaster faces pressure from the nobles, manipulated by and old enemy of ______, forcing him out onto the sea to find the pirates lair and removed the noose they have been tying around his home.

But ______ absence comes with a cost.  While Geralt hunts down the duel purposes of saving the woman he doesn’t realize he loves and taking out the pirates (whom have conveniently kidnapped her to lure him out), Geralt’s family is overthrown and outcast.  So instead of returning home a hero, he is outcast with the rest of his family and banished from the city.

However, with the true source of the pirates –Geralt’s sniveling cousin- still at large, Geralt must choose what is more important: his family, his woman, or his home.

Coming up next we have a compilation of stories about seven of the most famous women within the Realms: the Seven Sisters, Chosen of Mystra. Silverfall is next.