7046495Eigth in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Wars, Lover Mine was read by June 13th 2010.

Love loved loved this book.  A lot happens so lemme give it to you in point form:

Jon reunites with Xhex and they become mates as last.  

Quin and Blay explore their relationship more and it looks as if something will finally come of it.

Payne is injured and brought over from the other side to reunite with her twin V.  Looks like she’ll be the focus of her own book soon.

Xhex’s mother makes an appearance at the end and we learn Xhex’s origin story through the diary of Jon’s father, as well as some interesting insight as to who Jon really is.

Lash finally bites it and I couldn’t be happier.  After keeping Xhex captive for and raping her for weeks, she finally gets to put a knife through his heart.

A lot of different story threads, but they’re woven together very well so it was an awesome read.