97992Third in the Elminster series by Ed Greenwood, Temptaion of Elminster was read by June 18 2010.

Little long in the tooth, but a wonderful ending.

Here we see the Old Mage has awoken from being trapped for many years, long enough for Myth Drannor to turn from being a beautiful city of elves and magic into a forsaken ruin occupied only by the demons and the damned.

Finding nothing but silence from his goddess, Elminster is visited by the god of magic Azuth, and is told that Mystra’s avatar has been bound and he needs to free her.

So Mystra is bound, magic goes awry, Elminster goes on a crusade to save her and succeds, but it’s not really clear how this is accomplished.

It almost seems as if the Elminster series goes downhill after the first one, with the second and third becoming more long winded and stretched out than the last. Elminster’s daughter redeems the series, and I can only hope that Elminster Must Die continues that tradition.

I LOVED the ending. After freeing Mystra, she leads him to three of the Seven Sisters: Dove, Storm, and Lael Silverhand. After finding these orpahned waifs on the side of the road, he begins the arduous, rewarding, and frustrating task of raising three young girls in the pursuit of the Art