97992Third in the Elminster series by Ed Greenwood, Temptaion of Elminster was read by June 18 2010.

Little long in the tooth, but a wonderful ending.

Mystra’s avatar is bound and magic goes haywire. Elminster is called in to save the day, but there is no clear indication how that came to be. We can guess and assume, but that’s about it.

There are a lot of story threads here, and half of them seemed kinda pointless.

Loved the ending though.  Elminster is led to Dive, Storm, and Lael Silverhand, 3 of the famous Seven Sisters, and begins the arduous task of raising three young girls.

Series seems to have gone downhill since the first Elminster book, each becoming slower and more long winded than the last.  Elminster’s daughter redeems Ed Greenwood and the series, and here’s hoping Elminster Must Die does the same