15797384Ok you know what?  I’m not going to go on about how good this was, or what happened, no cryptic hints tips or clues as to the events and insights Drizz’t gains on his journey here with Dahlia, Enterei, a rogue monk, a dwarven cleric, and Dahlia’s half tiefling son Effron.

You know what I did with this? I read the book, then when I was done I cried.

Not ‘pretty tears rolling down her cheeks’ cried, this was a red faced, snot nosed, bawling my eyes out kind of cry.

I clutched this book to my chest and sat there rocking back and forth crying like I lost my best friend.

So that’s it.  That’s all.  I’m done.

*throws up hands and walks away*

*mutters to self* I’m going to need freaking therapy after this…

Elmister in Hell is next.  Eventually.

62470Banished to the Nine Hells by an evil force, the legendary wizard Elminster Aumar finds himself tortured for his wisdom and power, and must confront the choice between death and madness.