62470My second attempt at reading this book, and first success.  Elminster in Hell is the fourth book in the Elminster saga, just before the Sage of Shadowdale saga begins.

It is actually a rather fascinating read.  Elminster gets trapped in one of the Hell layers attempting to close a rift between the worlds and is captured by an archdevil determined to rip the secrets of Mystra’s silver fire from his mind, if not his very soul.  To do this the devil plants a mind worm in Elminster’s brain and starts feeding on his memories.

And what memories!  The life of an arch mage who has lived centuries laid bare before a fiend in his home.  Mostly memories not his own for the first half of the book, but rather the memories of friends and lovers of past and present, calling out to them for aid unbeknownst to the arch devil running amok in Elminster’s mins.

And what a rescue!  The Simbul herself blazes into hell to save her love, one of the few creatures to give it’s denziens pause.

 I really liked that I learned something new here.  Mirt and Asper of Waterdeep are not lovers, but rather mentor and pupil, or more appropriately father and daughter.  But that’s another tale for another time…

This is also the first confirmation that I can recall of the pairing between Elminster and the Simbul.  I knew they were a pair because of the little I know of Elminster Must Die, but cannot recall anything confirming the relationship before now.

Moving on, we’re going to finish up Blades of the Moonsea #3: Avenger

7462353in “Avenger, ” the final volume in the epic adventures of the Blades of the Moonsea, Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former home, hunting down the one who hurt his family and rallying the oppressed people of Hulburg. But Geran’s enemies are as numerous as the laws he breaks seeking revenge, and each and every one of them is determined to see him dead.