8176883Third in the Transitions trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, this is one of the hardest books I have read. And I read it by July 6 2010.

Because it is here that we say goodbye to the Companions of the Hall, possibly for good.

It’s the time of the Spellplague and the Blue Fire sweeps across Faerun, sweeping up Cattie Brie and Regis in it’s wake.  We assume they’re dead and that Drizz’t patron goddess Meilikki has taken the souls of her favored ranger to her home plane, but we hope differently.

Cadderly Bonaduce of Spirit Soaring, the great library/church of Denir, has condemned his soul to walk the grounds of Spirit Soaring, warding it against the return of the dragon Hephestaus and the Crystal Shard who had fused to become the Ghost King.

A hard gut wrenching end to a two decade long series.

Goodbye dear friends.  You will be missed.