865The Alchemist written by Paulo Choello was read by July 10th 2010.

The Alchemist is a touching story about a young shepherd boy who dreams of more than his lot in life, and discovers a map to a treasure and so heads off on the journey of a lifetime to find it.

He travels from Spain to Egypt, and sees the great pyramids. He meets all kinds of interesting people along the way, including an Alchemist who teaches the boy to listen to his heart and speak to the desert wind.

I really liked the ending of this book. In the end the boy does not find the treasure he was seeking buried under the pyramids as he believed. But rather the treasure he had spent all that time searching for was right back where he started. He never had to go searching for it halfway across the world, for it was in his own backyard the whole time.

I feel this speaks to a lot of us in these times. We always seems to be searching beyond our boarders for that which would make us most happy in life, and often we are blind to the happiness that can be found at home.