7853137Think of a Number written by John Verdon is actually a really fascinating read.  Finished by July 14th 2010

This book didn’t really resonate with me. Its kind of a detective/thriller fiction, and while I love thriller/horror books, I’m not much into the whole detective/murder mystery thing. So while I can see the potential for this book being fantastic, it didn’t really flat my boat.

Its the story of a retired police detective trying to solve a “locked room” scenario mystery that just so happens to involve an associate he knew from college. Its an interesting concept of a serial killer choosing victims through a mail order scam.

I liked the ending the best, mostly because I was curious as to how the author was going to tie everything together. Which he does very well by the way, and while this book will never make one of my top 10 lists, it is still a well written book with a fascinating story concept. I just wish I was into detective fiction more.