758556The whole flow of the narrative brings to mind a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  An assassin, a sell sword and a thief, all self styled investigative detectives, are hired by the failing city of Tarsis to solve the murder of a barbarian ambassador before said barbarians attack the city.

This is all about deductive reasoning and eliminating possibilities until you reach a conclusion that turned out to be fascinating in the end.

One more Mystery book to go, but so far I’m liking this trilogy.  I’m usually not a fan of murder mysteries but these have turned out pretty well so far.  Hopefully the last one I have to read, Murder in Halruaa, is just as good.

Unfortunately that won’t be for a bit as I have yet to locate Murder in Halruaa…

Ah well, one day.

But until that day!  Supernatural #13: Cold Fire by John Passarella is coming up next.

25615007While replacing sections of his rotten wooden fence, Dave Holcomb, a new homeowner in Braden Heights, Indiana hears a baby’s cry from behind his utility shed, and investigates. Hours later, his wife returns home to find his eyeless corpse. But Dave is only the first of many male victims butchered by a supernatural murderer with a distinct M.O., and now the Winchester brothers discover that pregnant women in Braden Heights have begun to go missing..