62476Dangerous Games is the second in the Forgotten Realms Netheril trilogy by Clayton Emery.  Read by July 17th 2010

It show us how the mad mage Karsus was able to strip Mystryl of her mantle as goddess of magic in an attempt to place it upon himself.  However in that brief instant of time all magic in the Realms is lost and the floating cities of Netheril plummet to the lands below, taking all their wizards and mage kings with them.

And now, a young girl by the name of Mystra is the avatar for the next goddess of magic and works to ascend to her new place in the world.

A little bit of time travel involved here, the book ends with the characters back home, but overall I’m looking forward to the third and final book and seeing if the shaman Sunbright finds Greenwillow or not.