744321Secret of the Sirens by Julia Golding is basically a girl’s version of the Percy Jackson series.  Read by July 18th 2010

This series is basically the adventures of a female Percy Jackson, minus the mythological parentage.

Its the fun story of a society that was created ages ago to protect all the mythical creatures from mankind. Basically it was this society that spread the word from pulpit to tap room that creatures such as unicorns, dragons, and the like do not exist. Over time, the rest of humanity believed them, and the society has been shuffling the creatures around ever since.

But of course after a few centuries of being constantly uprooted from your home and shuffled from one place to another is bound to make anyone cranky. So when a dark presence rears its head, encouraging the creatures to rise up and take back the world from humans, the Society is there trying to prevent that from happening.

Basically the Society is compromised of people who can speak to these creatures, or be their Companion. But each person can only be a Companion to one creature, such as one person can speak to Selkies, another Banshees, and another can speak to Minotaurs. That kind of thing.

But there is a legend in the Society of a Universal Companion. A person to can speak to and be understood by every mythological creature within the world. Connie is one such person. And as a result of being the Universal companion, she’s the one who gets to stop the revolution of the mythological creatures.

This is basically every little girl’s dream come true. Who doesn’t want the ability to speak to animals when they’re young? I love the fact that they incorporate creatures from all different types of world mythology. Looking forward to the next in the series, and seeing how Connie’s character develops.