Brimstone Angels, first in the self-named series by Erin M. Evans.  I don’t know if it was the story, the characters, or just that it’s something I haven’t seen before and I was learning new bits of lore about the Realms world I didn’t know previously, but I could not put this down.

It’s all about warriors and warlocks here in the first installment of the Brimstone Angels series.  We’re introduced to twin tiefling sisters raised by a dragonborn in a hamlet populated mostly by outcasts.  Farideh the student and Havilar the warrior, outcasts themselves within the place they call home, draw the attention of a cambion from the Hells and one forms a pact with him, becoming a warlock.  Havilar summond the fiend but could not hold him, but it was Farideh who drew his attention and whom he formed the pact with.

Driven from their home after the pact was form, sisters and foster father set forth, mostly to find a new life for themselves, partly to find a way to free Farideh from the pact.  Along the way they meet a Comyrian nobleman on the run from his family, and Farideh learns what it truly means to be damned.

Just a supremely fast, fun, and fascinating in the we learn a little bit about how the devil prince Asmdeus became a god (which btw was totally news to me) as well as what exactly makes Farideh – and Havilar – so special to demons and devils alike.

I cannot wait to read the second installment: Lesser Evils…so I won’t! It’s coming up next!

15792550Mere weeks after escaping Neverwinter, Farideh’s dreams are still haunted by Lorcan, the cambion devil whose power fuels her own. One of only four known descendents of the original Brimstone Angel, Farideh has no regrets about the pact she made with the devil. But no one in the Hells knows that she has a twin—an impulsive eager sister, just waiting to be corrupted. At least as long as Lorcan can keep her secret.

Determined to protect her sister, Farideh searches for a ritual that could call Lorcan out of the Hells. But in the midst of her hunt, she’s drawn into an assignment for the secret society the Harpers, an assignment which leads her and a ragtag group of allies to an ancient Netherese library deep underground. While the group combs the site, dodging ghosts and magical traps, Farideh discovers a magical book whose pronouncements throw into question everything she thought she knew about herself and her sister.

The more the Book gives up its macabre secrets, the more one thing becomes clear—a traitor lurks among them.