20426917I so did not want to read this right now.  I wanted to continue on with the Brimstone Angels, but it turns out that the third book The Adversary in the Brimstone Angels series is the third book in The Sundering series, and I was not willing to start Sundering from the beginning just yet, nor was I willing to take a cross reference of the series with book #3.

So we’re going to move on and off the Realms for a wee bit, and here we have the thirteenth and final book in the Hollows series, Witch with No Name

Seriously what is with me and the number 13 lately?!? Seems a bit of a trend…13th book in the Suprernatural series, last two books talked about the Toril Thirteen, and now the 13th book in the Hollows series?  I need to pick my next book a bit more carefully I think…


This was a bittersweet book for me. Then again you read a series for a long as this and any ending is bound to be bittersweet. Not 100% the ending I wanted or expected, but overall it was pretty good.

 The vampires of Cincinatti discover that with the help (coerced of course) of the resident tricky witchy Rachel, they can reclaim their souls and will stop at nothing to do so, despite the glaring side effects of madness and death.  

That’s right, a vampire with a reclaimed soul is driven mad by the guilt and what not of all the evil it has done over its unlife once it retains its soul that it actually willingly walks out into the sunlight to get crispy, extra Cajun BBQ style.

Couple this with the fact that Rachel is trying to bring the demons into her world to save them from the collapsing Ever After, she has a primordial elven goddess to dispose of, and she’s trying to make sense of her relationship with her frenemy turned romenesis Mistah Trent Kalamack (as well as juggle being step mummy to two little elven girls) and she has got her hands full.

But as always she survives in the end, although I am saddened at the loss of so many of her friends.  Despite getting her happily ever after, she still seems sad and heart heavy.  Understandable considering all she has been through, but it still seems like too much bad has happened no amount of good can balance her out.

Otherwise, it was a good ending.  Everything wrapped up nicely, nothing left open or to question as far as I can tell.  Overall, The Hollows series was a wild ride with many ups and downs, and I am very glad I stayed on to the end.

One ends, and another begins.  Starting what looks to be an interesting series in the Realms world with the first in the Brotherhood of the Griffon saga by Richard Lee Byers, The Captive Flame is next.

6939839Aoth and his band of mercenaries, the Brotherhood of the Griffin, are hired to put a stop to a disturbing series of ritualistic killings. While they manage to defeat the perpetrators, Aoth can’t seem to shake the feeling that there’s more to these mysterious murders than meets the eye. Still, he resists the urge to investigate. After all, it’s just business. Until an assassin’s knife almost finds a home between his shoulder blades, and Aoth finds himself tangled in a lethal web of intrigue.
“The Captive Flame” features the return of popular character Aoth and his mercenary band, the Brotherhood of the Griffin, introduced in Richard Lee Byers’s trilogy The Haunted Lands.