291613Third and final installment of the Netheril trilogy by Clayton Emery, I read Mortal Consequences by on July 25th 2010.

Nothing fantastic to say about this book. Typical Realms. We join Sunbright and Knuckle one last time as they travel north to Sunbright’s home in the Tundra. They find his tribe dilapitated, and work together in reviving the people and finding a new home.

Candlemas is hard at work trying to solve the grain blight of the last two books, and succeeds in the end. Unbeknownst to any of them until it is too late, the sorceress who plagued them with her home made hell in the first place and was subsequently skinned alive and tossed back into it as punishment, has returned as a twisted, insane, rock skinned monster.

The creature spends much of the book hunting Candlemas and Sunbright down to destroy them, and suceeds in killing Candlemas. Of course when it comes face to face with Sunbright, he of course overcomes all odds and defeats the monster once and for all, marrying Knuckle and settling down to have many children with her.

The only problem here is that the book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. At the end it is suggested that Sunbright’s nomadic tribe evolves into something more than what they were, into something more along the lines of the Mongolian horsemen. But there is no such thing found within the cannon of the Realms to date, and it turns out that the ending was a set up for another series that the author hoped to write but never did. So its a little bit disspointing, they pique your interest only to leave you flat.

But it was a very entertaining and interesting series to read. We see the fall of the Netherese, the death of a goddess, and all in all an intimate account of an event that shaped the Realms into what it is today.