9952999Second in the Sage of Shadowdale series by Ed Greenwood, Bury Elminster Deep is all about Elminster, Amarune, Storm, and Arclath learning to co-exist with Elminster riding shotgun in Amarune’s mind as he’s just existing as magical ash right now.

Thankfully at the end Elminster gets his body and his beloved Simbul back, who in her new found sanity imparts a secret upon Elminster and a newly arrived Manshoon: Mystra and Azuth knew of the Spellplague, and almost welcomed it.  Magic has become stagnant and needed to change, so instead of stopping it they allowed it to happen for the ‘greater good’.

Kinda pisses me off that she allowed her own death, but I get it.  Mystra is all about magic for magic’s sake, learning and creating new spells and using them and spreading their use across the Realms. If magic and it’s use has become stagnant and lost its creativity then she in turn would have weakened and been lost.  (Personally I think this is just an afterthought olive branch to readers who were livid about 4th edition and it’s changes to the Realms, but whatevs.  I’m willing to accept this at face value as it makes sense for Mystra’s character)

Oh, and Mystra also decrees that Elminster and Manshoon need to join forces, an idea which Manshoon promptly shoots down by lobbing fireballs at Elminsters new body and effectively destroying it…again…

Le. Sigh.

At least now I’m looking forward to reading the next one in this series, Elminster Enraged, but I’ll leave off for a bit. Probably until  the new year to be honest.  This series has just been dragging for me so I’m hesitant to take the next step.

Speaking of next steps, we’re taking the next step with Aoth and crew in the third installment of the Brotherhood of the Griffon series by Richard Lee Byers, The Spectral Blaze, is next.

9399588And then we remembered…

The madness of the Rage

changed the face of the world.

Dragons lost their thrones, treasures,
and knowledge of the Great Game.

But now the Rage is over.

We are the rightful Lords of all Faerûn.