10095748Darker Road is the second and final instlament of the Unbroken Chain duology by Jaleigh Johnston.

Animals of the Shadowfell are going mad, and Ashok realizes it’s all because of one broken Shadar-kai woman.  She is haunted by dreams of far off Rashemen, frozen land of spirits and witches, and it is decided that Ashok and his friends will escort her there to hopefully put an end to the madness.

But along the way they discover it’s not just Shadowfell reactures that are affected by her, but anything monstrous in the Prime Material plane. Frost wolves, spirits, and ice trolls just to name a few.

Seeking help with the very cause of what ails her, the four enlist the aid of three Rashemen witches to banish the darkness that plagues the spirit realm, with Ashok giving and regaining his life in the process.

Little disappointing ending.  The woman stays behind in Rasheman whil Ashok and the rest return to the Shadofell, and we’re left unsure of that status of the relationship between the couple, for that is the direction they seem to be going it, but it’s really muddled and confused.

 Kind of wish there was one more to straighten that out, but it looks like this is the end of Ashok’s journey with us.

 Going to go a little sideways now, reading a core rulebook for 5th Ed Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide is next.

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