28109970Dragon Age Magekiller by Greg Ruka is one of those cases where you seriously should not judge a book (or a graphic novel) by its cover. Just by looking at it, fans of the Dragon Age Series would assume that this deal with events in or around Dragon Age 2, as the cover looks like one of the villains from that instalment being speared through with a sword.  Which is what happens if you choose that particular character to be your nemesis.

Anyways, one would assume when looking at it that this is the fourth in the Dragon Age graphic novel series, when actually it’s a bit of a standalone side story.  Not entirely sure where in the Dragon Age world timeline it begins, but it carries on through to the end of events in the third Dragon Age game, Inquisition.

The story follows a young, stern man with no real past and a paladin’s sense of honor as he teams up with a fiesty rougish young woman, killing mages in Tevinter for one of the Magistars.  At least until the dude comes face to face with a lover of his past.

After that they quit their job and run from their former employer and find themselves smack dab in the middle of the rift between the world and the fade ripping open, so they spend their days saving who they can from demons before being snapped up as agents of the Inqusition.

I like it in that once the story got to that point, the main characters visited many places from the game and there were multiple reference to prominent character both from Inquisitions as well as the first game Origins.

I enjoyed it, and will definitely continue with the series in all its formats.

 Might be dealing with a bit of a throwback next as we dive into Dungeons and Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate.