28262830First in what I am hoping to be a series, Legends of Baldur’s Gate takes us to that infamous city of the Realms, and introduces us to some interesting characters.

Minsc the ranger and Boo the hamster return from their hundreds long stone sleep to fight evil and right wrongs in the city they call home, alongside some new friends with questionable motives but reasonably pure intentions.  An elf mage determined to find her twin, an elf lordling turned ranger with daddy issues, and a Halfling thief with sticky fingers just to name a few.  The mage is technically the main character, and the plot is her seeking her twin brother, with the rest tagging onto her along the way.

What was really cool for me was seeing that Minsc and Boo were legit characters within the Forgotten Realms world.  I remember coming across them briefly in Neverwinter Nights 2, but thought they were just something fun that the developers threw in there, not that there was any substance to them.  I’ll have to see if I can dig up anything else on them.

But until that time we’re off to start a new series within the Realms world with Fall of Highwatch, first in the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy by Mark Sehestedt.

6472457Hweilan is the last of the line of Highwatch and–as she discovers–one of the last of the Vil Adanrath, a bloodline of lycanthropes left on Faerûn. Guric, her uncle and the slayer of Hwelian’s family, has released a terrible evil in order to resurrect his beloved wife and gain control of the northern countries. When Hweilan escapes Guric’s schemes, she is taken in by Lendri, a Vil Adanrath who has stayed in Faerûn to help guide Hweilan to her fate.