6472457Fall of Highwatch is the first in the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy by Mark Schestedt and I am very excited for it because it focuses on the Nar and their culture, which has received very little screen time to date in the Realms world.

Granted they’re the bad guys here, but what do you expect from demon binders?  There’s not as much on their society and culture as I would like, but it seems a solid beginning and I am sure we will learn more later.

We’re introduced to young Hweilan, a girl who is a mix of human, elf, and something else.  Unlike most other heroes/heroines, we meet her on the worst day of her life.  Grandaughter to the High Warden of the mountain citadel of Highwatch, Hweilan watches as an army of Nar barbarian takeover the citadel through betrayal and treachery and slaughter all she loves.  On the run from fell creatures from the Other summoned by a warlock, Hweilan must rely on her wits and on the unusual friends that she finds along the way to survive.

It was a random twist of fate had her away from the citadel that morning, so now she is the last of both her human and elven bloodlines.  Not only is she the last of the human line of rulers of Highwatch, but she is also the last of the elven lycanthropes on Faerun, the Vil Adanrath.  And as we learn later in the book, a third aspect of her blood has her hunted by the warlock and his creatures, for only with her death will the pact the warlock made be fulfilled.

Oh! And at the end we are told the tale of the Vil Adanrath, how they came to Faerun, how they left it, and how their god of hunters Nendawen has stayed behind and has laid a claim on Hweilan since before she was born.

So yeah…can’t wait to see where this all leads.  But before we discover that, going back to and oldie but a goodie: Dragon Age Origins Game Guide is next!

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