33539344Loved every second of it, and it gives me lots of hope for future issues.

We are reunited with the characters from Baldur’s Gate Legends: Boo the miniature space hamster of great wisdom, Minsc the ranger of giant heart and small brain, and their freinds.

They are called to a church of Kelemvor where they are tasked with protecting the property from unknown assailants, a task that a novice cleric joins them in undertaking.  Alas the cleric is kidnapped by a pair of werewolves and a mysterious human, with Boo hiding shotgun in her hair.

While Boo runs to get the rest of the group, the cleric is coerced into assisting the kidnapping trio with locating an artifact that will protect them from a mysterious master.  Leading them to a false artifact, the rest of the group barges in before the trio can discover the cleric’s duplicity, but before they can slaughter each other a mist rises up and takes them to a dark, dead land….Barovia.

Turns out, the kidnapping trio were on the run from their master, the infamous Count Strahd, lord of Barovia.  And our heros, full of foolish bravado, think they are willing to take on this undead master of all he surveys, but are quickly put in their place and are one millisecond from being wiped out before the spirit in the amulet that the kidnapping trio was searching for whisked them away to yet another land.  This one a bit more familiar, if cold.

What I loved the most about this one is that it looks like our heroes are going to have their own little adventures within the modules that have been published for the most recent edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  The Curse of Strahd is one adventure, where players find themselves transported somehow to Strahd’s prison home much like our adventurers here. Storm King’s Thunder is another, which I think our heroes will find themselves in next time we see them.

There was also a bit of tongue in cheek humor about these adventures.  The native of Barovia mentioned on several occasions how suddenly all these groups of adventurers are coming through their home, boasting that they’ll take down Strahd once and for all.  I thought that was pretty clever.

Next up we’re going to finally knock out the Brotherhood of the Griffon series by Richard Lee Byers with the Prophet of teh Dead.

13642994The anticipated climax to a series that has been building in popularity, Richard Lee Byers is at his best working with tales of the undead.  Prophet of the Dead fulfills on the promise of the title, giving fans a satisfying end to the current threats facing the Brotherhood of the Griffon.