Final installment in the Brotherhood of the Griffon series by Richard Lee Byers, everything comes to a head here in Prophet of the Dead.

And I feel that my earlier assessment of books four and five is accurate.  I think it would have been better if the first three books had been left alone on their own as a trilogy then have the fourth and fifth book as a duology or even another trilogy, as this feels really really weird.

Aoth and friends are still in Rashemen trying to end the plague of undead that has suddenly sprung up.  They are split in something called the Deathways that seems to be a magical maze that links all graveyards, tombs, and crypts to each other.

Aoth frees himself in neighbouring Thay and fights his way back to Rashemen.  Jet was horribly wounded at the end of Masked Witches and spends most of Prophet of the Dead healing, laid up with the devious Dai Shen and a tempermental berzerker in the ruins of the castle where Aoth, Cera and Jareshi disappeared in.

Meanwhile Cera and Jareshi are trapped in the Deathways themselves, forced to work with a self-styled lord of the undead, some type of devil that tried to rise and unite all intelligent undead under one banner.  A dream that was ripped from him when his first disciple, a wizard created bone naga named Lod, turned on him and partially blinded the devil.

Lod is a creature of Abeir who found himself trapped in Faerun when the two worlds collided during the Spellplague.  Now he is calling himself the Eminence of Aurant and is executing some complicated plan to take over Rashemen and create a kingdom of the undead much like Thay.

Not sure I fully understand the idea of the Deathways, how they work, how this devil was supposed to unite the undead, how Lod overpowere him, and how Lod got the idea to corrupt Rashemen and how they go about doing it.  It just seems like 10lbs of info in a 5lb bag.  Too much to fully take in and understand and I feel it would have been better to add one more book into the mix so it didn’t feel so…well…squashed…

Oh well.  Still enjoyed it overall and I get the impression that we have not seen the last of Aoth and the Brotherhood.

And I think we’ll leave it here for now folks.  I have started Sandstorm by Christopher Rowe but with the holidays fast approaching I have no idea if it will get done before the end of the year. So if I finish it in time I will post it, if not I shall update it after Ja No Read Mo 2017.

Stay safe this holiday season everyone!