291476I almost forgot about this one!

Murder in Halruaa written by Richard Meyers is the second in the Forgotten Realms Mysteries trilogy.  I had read this earlier in the year but completely forgot to record it, and only found it when I was going through my Goodreads books shelves and was like ‘wait a minute here…’


Halruaa is a land of magic and wizards, much like Thay only not focused on world domination.  They strive more for a magical utopia where yes, wizards are the upper class, but they don’t take slaves and don’t really try to impose their will upon others.

And along stumbles a young man upon a corpse outside one of the most fabled cities within Halruaa.  Taking the dead man’s cloak to protect him against the elements, the young man attempts to enter the city and all and sundry see the cloak and assume him to be a mysterious yet fabled apprentice to the city’s mightiest wizard.

A wizard who just so happens to be missing…

What follows is a near comical series of events all set around the mistaken identity concept.  Teaming up with missing wizard’s daughter, a were jackal and a pair of misshapen mongrel men the unlikely team set forth to find the whereabouts of the wizards as well as who killed his erstwhile apprentice.

Ok, now I’m done for the year I swear.  Happy Holidays folks and we’ll see ya in 2017!