So this was a very successful Ja No Read Mo if I do say so myself!  Met and surpassed my goal of 13 books, juuuuust barely squeaking in 14.

I decided to try a themed month and read nothing but fiction books, and it was a delightful and interesting change.  I think I’ll keep on with themed months.  I’ll probably try another Theme Month or two this year, then maybe in 2018 I’ll do the whole year up.  Romance in February, horror in October, a month of biographies, mysteries, general non fiction even!!!

Oh wow I’m super excited now.  I am such a niche reader this will be a fantastic way to expand my reading horizons…

But, that’s an experiment for a later date.  For now I’ll do what I’ve always done.  Devour my Realms books and sprinkle in a few others to *hopefully* whittle down my To Read mountain to an acceptable level…

Thanks for joining me for Ja No Read Mo 2017 folks! I always hope you have as much fun following my journey’s as I do undertaking them.

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