11768286So I discovered this trend with these Forgotten Realms stand alone novels.  I never think that one is enough.  Either it’s like Sandstorm where I think it needed more than the standard 350 pages to tell the story properly because there was too much info shoved into one story, or it’s like Venom in Her Veins and I just cannot get enough of the story or the characters and just want more.

Needless to say, I fucking loved this book.

You don’t often see stories about the snake people called yuan-ti in the Realms, last one I remember was the House of Serpents trilogy, so this makes the fourth book out of almost three hundred that have been written and printed in the Realms world that focus on this race.  Kinda understandable considering the entire race is defined as evil so 1) possibly not a lot of people want to read/write about out and 2) it’s sometimes hard to create a hero that rises up out of such a race, Drizz’t aside.  So all told I was really excited to read this and was not disappointed.

Long story short, yound female found abandoned in the woods, taken to live among civilization, hold her people were killed and had her yuan-ti heritage hidden from her until she was deemed old enough to accept the truth of things.  But on a family business trip into the jungle (a trip that she had routinely take twice a year for the past 16 years) she discovers first that her people were not killed, but rather enslaved and dragged into the Underdark.  Running off down into the dark to save them, she eventually comes to terms with her nature and in the process defeats a threat from the Far Realm that unknown to everyone was fueling her family’s business ventures.

Oh and it’s entirely possible that she is a Chosen of the snake god Zehir….

There’s a bit of a love story between our heroine and her cousin and I was really looking forward to seeing how that turned out, plus at the end they run off with a tiefling for new adventures! I really wish this was maybe like a trilogy or something.  I have no idea what the end game would be and part of me doesn’t care.  I just want to see more of the characters.

Coming up next now, we’re going to finish up the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy with Cry of the Ghost Wolf.

10931634Hweilan went into the Feywild a girl focused on avenging her family’s death, and emerged a brutal killer. Nendawen the Hunter has anointed her his Hand in destroying the demonic and undead forces of his nemesis–the murderer of her family–Jagen Ghen. But while she managed to survive long enough to become the Hand of the Hunter, the war with Jagen Ghen has just begun. And while she is hunting them–they are likewise hunting her. It will take every trick of the Fox, every drop of Lore, and every ounce of will she has to stand against Jagen Ghen, but Hweilan will have her chance to avenge her family–or die trying.