This one…was very confusing.  Something about a lost half eldarin princess and pirates were hired to find her so her mother/sister/aunt could kill her (seriously this family was SO inbred…).  The came across an island filled with were creatures where some of them were ruled by this princess and some weren’t, some were trying to bring back Malar the Beastlord, some were trying to prevent that from happening.  And among the pirates was a priestess of Chauntea, a shifting cat boy, a gnome sorcerer who was being held captive as an incetive for the pirates to complete their mission, a human (I think?), a water genasi with an unhealthy obsession with sweets and a demon fey.

The priestess allowed the resurrection of Malar because her goddess demanded it, she also allowed for the little shifter cat boy to become Malar’s avatar, the demon fey fell in kinda love with a druidess who showed up?  The genasi always had his head in the clouds, and the little gnome scorcerer captive made friends with a were boar and formorian princess before escaping into a palace of illusions, the human fell kinda in love with the half eldarin princess, and then there was this portal that transported everyone to safety somewhere.

Yeah…I think that pretty much covers everything that happened. Although I could not tell you how half of it applied to the plot.  It was just a huge mish mosh, and all of the characters felt stiff you didn’t connect with them at all.  I think I kinda connected with the demon fey, mostly cuz it was this big mystery as to what he actually was but in the end the choices he made did not make sense to me.

Ok, with a little luck I’ve put the hard stuff behind me now. As next we’re going to FINALLY tackle the first in the Sundering series, the Companions by R.A. Salvatore is next.

On the dusty plains of Netheril, a young Bedine girl spins a web of forbidden magic, obliterating a pair of assassins with a single lightning strike.

On the banks of the Sea of Fallen Stars, a tiny thief walks willingly into battle with a ruthless killer, a wide grin upon his face.

In the tunnels of Citadel Felbarr, a dwarfling is ambushed and strikes back with an attack well beyond his apparent strength and years.

These three seemingly unrelated commoners, growing up across the far reaches of the Forgotten Realms®, hold the fate of Faerûn’s most famous dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden, in their hands.

But that fate is far from certain. For in the shadows a cunning cabal of wizards is watching, intent on hunting Chosen—mortals blessed by the gods. These wizards know something mere commoners do not: Long-forgotten gods have begun to stir. Long-lost lands have begun to tremble. The world around them is about to change. And these wizards will do whatever it takes to turn the coming chaos to their advantage.