I actually wanted to pull some kind of April Fool’s prank for this, but I’m afraid I’m not that clever 😛

Anywhoodle, Tales from the Yawning Portal is the latest source book from Wizards of the Coast for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, and so far it looks pretty cool. I of course love it for the Realms lore it represents.  The Yawning Portal is a tavern in Waterdeep with an underground access to the famous dungeon Undermountain in it’s basement.  The proprieter Durnan was an adventurer in his day, and came across something that extended his lifespan, so the Durnan here is the same as the Durnan from pre Spellplague.  I actually first came across Durnan and the Yawning Portal when I was playing Neverwinter Nights Horde of the Underdark.  The Yawning Portal is actually where you start the expansion off and Durnan himself leads you to the portal to Undermountain.

So yeah, total fangirl squee when I saw this was coming out…

The whole thing is just old, famous dungeons from 3rd and 3.5ed that have been revamped for 5th edition to be used in campaigns today.  There are about 5 dungeons outlined here, spanning across the face of Toril.  From dragons and giants, from deserts to jungles, mad wizards, fiends, monsters of all kinds and probably more can be found here.  Each dungeon is geared towards a specific level of adventurer, even the Tomb of Horror is here!

My GM is currently mixing a dungeon from this book with Storm Kings Thunder and so far it’s really good.  The players are being challenged for the first time in a while, we almost lost one member three times in this particular dungeon so be prepared for the stakes to be high when you use anything from this one!

Back to the day to day of Toril, we move on to Elminster Enraged next.

Who dared slay a Chosen of Mystra?

He had not felt that sudden tingling stealing into him for years, had not thought to ever feel it again.

The silver fire.

Mystra’s divine fire was flowing into him from somewhere nearby, somewhere in the shattered citadel!

He felt invigorated, stronger than ever. Well, of course he would, with this new fire in him — but he had to know who was dying, which Chosen of Mystra was sinking into death and yielding up their divine fire, leaking it out into the Realms around. He must know!