So I ran the Horde of the Dragon Queen myself for a group of younger players brand new to the world of DnD, and with myself being a first time GM.  It’s the first published adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, as well as the first half of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, with Rise of Tiamat being the second half.  It takes players from first to 8th level based either on a XP level up system, or a milestone system.

I think I did ok with running this campaign.  The players always seemed to have fun, and I was able to draw on my personal store of knowledge within the Realms to expand a bit on what was already here.

I think what I liked most about this adventure is that it seems very well balanced.  It’s straightforward and simple enough for a first time GM like myself or first time players like my group to run with little to no difficulty but it has that capacity for more experienced GMs to draw on inspiration from other sources and allow the players to go completely off the rails (which my group has done after only 1 session of the second half of this campaign Rise of Tiamat) or simply expand on what’s there.

The only thing is I don’t think the XP level up system really works with this.  I think the milestones system works much better.  I actually started it as using designated XP to level up characters, but I found that when they were fifth level according to the XP system they should have been 7th level according to the milestone system.  So I either REALLY screwed up or the XP system doesn’t really work.  And I personally don’t think it was me as I am really careful to record how many of each creature is faced/killed during session, and I would even review the chapters after the fact to make sure nothing was missed.  I might have been off half a level or so, but not two.

Anyways I really like it.  I think we’ll like Rise of Tiamat, but we’re only the one session/chapter into that adventure so only time will tell.

Next a fun little read my uncle got me for Christmas: How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill you.

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