Well well well.  Here is something I was not expecting.  Turns out The Godborn, book 2 of the Sundering series, can technically be counted as the fourth book of the Erevis Cale trilogy.

Taking place one hundred years after the events of the third book Midnight’s Mask, we are introduced to Cale’s son Vasen.  Turns out when the Shadowstorm hit, the life of Cale’s lover Varra was jepordized, along with the life of their son.  Riven (Mask’s kinda sorta avatar) stepped in and flung Varra into the future to throw Cale’s enemies of Vasen’s scent, speeding up Varra’s pregnancy at the same time.  Alas, Varra died in childbirth, but her half shade son was raised as a paladin of Amaunator safe from the minions of Shar and Mephistopholes, if only for a short time.

But while Mask technically hid Vasen, his mother Shar is the goddess of secrets and eventually Vasen was discovered and all the old crew as well as some new faces are assembled to stop Shar’s ultimate plan to destroy the Realms.  Magadon and Riven come back along with Riven’s girls, they team up with Vasen, we learn Cale is still alive and imprisoned in the frozen wastes of Cania under close watch by Big Red himself.  Our heroes are joined by a shadowwalking servant of Mask who also happens to be a deva, as well as a simple farmer who lost the love of his life with their unborn child and will do anything to avenge himself on those who cost him so much. The Shadowvar princes come out to play once more, one to serve the will of his dark goddess and one to seek vengeance on the other for the murder of their mother.  We travel from the Realms to the Abyss to Shade and back again, all to stop Shar and resurrect her son.

Easy peasy right?

The thing that really excited me most about this is that the Shades kept talking about something really really big happening.  To the point where their king is ordering Chosen to be located and captured so they can be questioned.  The gods are beginning to move and groove in their realms, no one knows why so it’s the Shade’s hope that some of the Chosen will provide insight into what his happening with their perspective gods.

Now based on my general knowledge of the time line from here on out, I have an idea what that Big Event is, but oooooooooh I am still ever so excited to find out!!!!

But that is going to have to wait for a wee bit.  FINALLY collected the Double Diamond Triangle Saga in it’s entirety so we’re going to go old school Realms for a bit.  Book 1 The Abduction by J Robert King is next.

The first of a new serial novel series set in the “Forgotten Realms” world! Someone has kidnapped the fiancee of the Open Lord of Waterdeep on the eve of their wedding. Now the lord, Piergeiron the Palidinson, must find out who–but nothing is quite what it seems.