First in a nine part mini series, the opening to the epic Double Diamond Triangle saga is pretty straightforward.  Piergeiron Paladinson, Open Lord of Waterdeep is about to get married!  However the festivities are colored by spell slingers and shapeshifters who wish to do him and/or his bride harm.  The first wave of attacks is fended off, only for the bride to be kidnapped at the alter and for the Open Lord to fall into a coma.  Oh woe is Waterdeep!  Who shall save the lord and his lady!

Tune in next time on….

No seriously though that’s pretty much what happens.  Joy, attack, more joy, kidnapping, summon a rescue party, but the lord is asleep.  Next!

The interesting thing here is that you get the feeling right from the start that something is not quite right with the lady Eidola.  She seems very stoic and cold for a blushing bride, and not at all affectionate towards her soon to be husband.  Now if this was a marriage of political expedience it would be understood.  But Piergeiron acts like the two are in love with each other, rather than the affection being one sided or non existent.

This disharmony between the character as she was versus as she should have been is what drew me in and made me want to continue reading the saga, which is exactly what we’re going to do.  Onwards friends, to book 2 The Paladins by James M Ward.

The “Double Diamond Triangle Saga” continues! Lord Piergeiron has fallen ill, but his loyal retainers prepare to rescue his abducted fiancee. But their quest lies far beyond the areas around Waterdeep, and in the uncharted Utter East.