Now this, this I was excited to read.  I always love it when characters make a comeback, no matter how big or small.

The Paladins is the second of nine in the Double Diamond Triangle Saga (DDTS) and brings back some old friends for me.  Khelban Blackstaff was brought forward as Lord Mage of Waterdeep in The Abduction, and now that the Open Lord has fallen into a magical coma and his bride to be has been kidnapped, it is up to the Blackstaff to mount up the rescue party to find the lady while he deals with the lord.

And for some reason the rescue party is like 90% paladins.  There is Miltiades and Kern from the Pools sagas, as well as Piergeiron’s daughter, a paladin who has lost his face, another paladin who might be a disguise for someone/something else, and a young noble lordling off on his first adventure.  And that first adventure is to Undermountain to find a portal that will send the party to the Utter East, the one place that defies Khelben’s scrying attempts at locating the missing bride to be.

All they have to do is take a group of paladins through the dank streets of Skullport and circumvent a conjured army of demons to reach the gate.

No problemo.

Nothing really stuck out for me with the Paladins, aside from my excitement at seeing the characters Miltiades and Kern again.  We’ll just have to see how book 3 The Mercenaries by Ed Greenwood goes.

A shadowy figure hires a group of unemployed pirates to aid him on a dangerous mission. But the mission has a hidden purpose, and somewhere behind the scenes it connects to the kidnapping of a young bride from Waterdeep.