So this one I actually got pretty bored with.  The Mercenaries is the third of nine in the DDTS and it focuses largely on a dark stranger who cobbles together a crew of pirates and former pirates to head to the same place as the rescue party of Paladins for an opposing reason: kill Eidola.

But the whole premise in the beginning doesn’t make any sense!  It seems like all the characters we’re introduced to here are just thrown into the story for the hell of it.  It’s not until the end when the mercenaries meet up with the paladins that things become a bit more clear. We still have no idea who hired the hit on Eidola, but we learn the identity of the dark little man who was contracted to take her out.  None other than Artemis Entreri.

Well…suggested here and confirmed in later books.

So yeah…while the beginning was kinda blech, the ending was awesome!  Just the merest HINT that our resident favorite assassin has returned is enough to guarantee that things are going to get interesting…

Lets see just how interesting as we continue on hmm? Errand of Mercy, book 4 in the DDTS by Roger E Moore is next.

The paladins sent by the Lord of Waterdeep to rescue his kidnapped bride have arrived in a kingdom of the Utter East. The monarch seems friendly, but the kingdom is beset by menacing fiends. Before the ruler agrees to help the knights in their quest, there is just one small task they must perform.