The paladins have finally arrived at their destination within the Utter East, but they find betrayal at their backs.  Literally.  The lady mage and daughter of the fallen lord Piergeiron has blown up the portal behind them in Undermountain that they had just stepped through, leaving them stranded far from home in a foreign land, and things are about to get from bad to worse.

For while the local king and his people are friendly on the surface, the origins of the kingdoms has a dark history of fell magic and fallen temples.  And to make matters worse, the lands are beset by fiends and the people infected with magical ailments, cursed by the very items their rulers use to protect them.

Brought before the king, they discover the local curse has twisted him into a grotesque aquatic creature.  A creature however, who is willing to assist them if they are able to help take care of the demons infesting the lands around them.  The paladins have no choice but to agree, both to achieve their mission and to return home.

Here’s another one that did not particularly grab me character/story wise.  I think I’m more invested in seeing the end game which is why I keep reading these.

Onwards and upwards my friends!  Book 5 of DDTS: An Opportunity for Profit by Dave Gross is next.

The pirates hired to assassinate the kidnapped Waterdeep bride are hot on their prey. Having landed on the shores of the Utter East, they face great danger–all without knowing the identity of their employer. Now, as the pirates make their way across the eastern kingdoms, fate sets them on a collision course with another interested party.