Pirate and paladins finally collide here in An Opportunity for Profit, fifth of nine in the DDTS.

Last we saw the pirates they were trekking through the jungle being picked off one by one by a bone demon, increasing losing faith in their mysterious employer despite his constant ability to keep them all from being killed outright.  The finally make it to the realms of the Utter East and the city where the paladins are searching.

Just bad luck when the pirates first arrive in the city they try to clean up a bit at a public fountain and the paladins bump into them.

Worse luck for them, one of them recognizes their employer as Artemis Entreri, fabled assassin of the Realms, and through Wonder Woman’s Lasso of truth, wielded by non other than young lordling Noph, the pirate’s true cross roads purpose is exposed to the paladins, leading to some understandable animosity.

For the most part the two parties avoid each other for the nonce, at least until the pirates face off against the squid king and find out what he really is.

Almost done here folks.  Yeah I’m kinda feeling it myself.  Next is book six in the DDTS: The Conspiracy by J Robert King.

As the search continues in the Utter East for the kidnapped bride of Waterdeep, the forces of the paladins and the mercenaries converge. For the first time, the dark secret behind the abduction is revealed, and the searchers realize their quest is barely begun.