Book eight of nine in DDTS, Easy Betrayals finally sees our heroes making their way back to Faerun and Waterdeep, the pirates having mostly stayed behind in the Utter East.  The paladins and company arrive underneath Waterdeep, once again in Skullport as they chase the doppelganger in Eidola disguise, finally brining her to a head and in the interim learning that…wel pretty much everyone who was anyone knew of her true abilities.  Blackstaff and company knew of the greater doppelganger, and knew too that it was sent by masters to control the Open Lord of Waterdeep Paladinson.  And instead of destroying the threat, they harnessed it to watch it in hopes that it would lead them back to the ones holding the strings.

Part of this plot was the use of a soul gem that the doppelganger used to capture a piece of the Open Lord’s soul, which would be the reason he had fallen into a coma.  With a piece of his sould torn so far away from his body, there was really nothing else for it to so.

But come the end of Easy Betrayals, Eidola-ganger is dead, and the diamond that holds the Open Lord’s soul is safely in possession of the paladins.

Gee I wonder what The Diamond will bring?  We’ll soon find out wont we…

An epic quest is over… or ist it? Piergeiron, Open Lord of Waterdeep, is dead … or is he? The search for the abductors of his bride Eidola has finally drawn to a close … or has it? As the paladins and mercenaries gather in Waterdeep for a solemn ceremony, the last act of this epic adventure is played out against a background of treachery and deceit. And the last surprise will be the greatest of all. “The Diamond” brings to an end the nine-book serial novel published by TSR and set in the exciting world of the “Forgotten Realms.” Be sure to look for the other parts in your local bookstore.