Last but not least of DDTS, The Diamond brings it all home and ends all the anguish and turmoil on a very happy note.  But it starts of very sad.

The Open Lord is declared dead and the city is in mourning.  The paladins arrive in the nick of time with the missing piece of the Open Lord’s soul and revives him.  After relaying their tale they decide to hold a funeral for the Eidola-ganger, as to many within the city of Waterdeep she was a tragic figure and after so much hustle and bustle the city needed to come together over something, and what else is better to bring people together than the funeral of a lovely bride tragically taken from her husband and killed before her wedding?

Well the only thing better than that is a an actual wedding!  See the Eidola-ganger had actually based herself on the Open Lord’s first wife, who he had believed had died years ago. Turns out she was just in a magical coma like the Open Lord was, as the Eidola-ganger stole her soul to take on her seeming, and trapped it in the same gem with a fragment of the Open Lord’s soul.  So when the Open Lord was freed and went to lay one never-wife next to a past-wife, the last soul within the gem sensed it’s body and returned to it, returning the Open Lord’s first love back to life.

And since wedding vows are usually ‘till death do us part’ and both of them were technically dead, well.  Nothing to be done but get married again, isn’t there?

Overall impression of this series, I think it might have done better as one book, and if they consolidated some parts of it.  There was this thing where the Open Lord’s soul was exploring the confines of the soul gem and came across seeming’s of the heroes sent to rescue the Eidola-ganger and they were in a forest and there was a tree and some mirrors…

Honestly I skipped a lot of that, mostly because it was making little to no sense, but also because I was just impatient to get on with it.

Speaking of getting on with it, lookit what I missed a few years back!  Here I thought I had all of the Sembia series, and it looks like it missed one!  Let’s take care of that right now shall we?  Lord of Stormweather, by Dave Gross, book seven in the Sembia saga is next.

Thamalon Uskevren II — The heir to the Uskevren fortune never expected in herit so much so soon.

After a sorcerous attack on Stormweather Towers cuts the family in half; Tamlin must learn to lead the survivors before a deadly assassin finishes the job. Too bad nobody seems willing to follow his lead. Worse still, some of them want him dead.