Vendenace of the Iron Dwarf is the third and final of the Companions Codex trilogy, and fourth since the resurrection of the Companions of the Hall.

The Darkening is well under way across the Silver Marches, the drow of Menzobarranzan trying to both to finally take down the rogue Drizz’t Do’Urden, and facilitate the rise of their dark goddess Loth as the mistress of magic.

Armies of orcs, goblins, and giants swarm across the land.  The dwarves are trapped in their citadels. Nesme and Sundabar have fallen to the hordes.  Silverymoon is pressed, the Glimmerwood is surrounded.  Winter has fallen with no end of the kingdom wide siege in sight, so all wait with baited breathe to see what the spring will bring.

But not all are sitting idle. 

While Wulfar and Regis are trapped in the Upper Underdark, separated from their friends as the Companions made a break for Mithril Hall, Drizz’t, Cattie-Brie and Bruenor are simultaneously trying to convice the dwarves that Bruenor is who he claims to be, and keep the dwarves from starving in their homes.

At the Temple of the Yellow Rose, Ambergris and Afrenefrere are called forth by a certain drow rogue who has also called the aid of a pair of bronze dragon sisters and have come forth to the Marches to stop the advent of Menzobarranzan.

The fate of Dahlia is still uncertain, and Aretmis Entreri is no where to be seen.  Quenthel Baenre becomes more like her mother each day with the aid of an insane Ilithis, Gromph Baenre is torn between admiration and fear of his sister the new Matron Mother, and Tiago Baenre risks everything the drow have worked for on the surface, all in an attempt to finally kill the infamous rogue Drizz’t Do’Urden.

Many wheels are in motion in the Silver Marches.  Will they spin to fruition or seize in failure?

While you ponder that question and perhaps seek out the answer for yourself, onwards and upwards to Spellstorm by Ed Greenwood next.

Rumors race around Cormyr regarding the mythical Lost Spell, a powerful enchantment designed centuries ago by the presumed dead god of spells—a spell long thought lost to the ages. Found by some magic-less merchant, rumor has it the Lost Spell is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

It is a powerful lure, and archwizards of every stripe descend upon the merchant, only to be trapped with him inside his manor by a vicious spellstorm—escape impossible, and their magic useless with the interference from the storm.

Moreover—they find themselves faced with the infamous Elminster of Shadowdale, who claims he’s just there to decide who gets the Lost Spell, but who clearly has an agenda of his own.

But before Elimster can put whatever plan he has in motion, archwizards start dying.