Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost is my favorite of the Nighthuntress short stories so far. And I’m pretty sure it’s the last one since I think the Night Huntress series is finished.  Not the last one I need to read though haha!

So this one takes us to Cat and Bones’ home after she’s turned into a vampire and she is determined to have an old fashioned Christmas. A Christmas that is thwarted by a demon who, unbeknownst to Bones and Cat, saunters in wearing the skin of Bones’ long lost vampire half-brother, and then goes on to possess their nearest and dearest all at once, leaving only Cat, Ian and Denise to figure out how to save them.

The whole process behind how the demon was able to possess these vampires is a little bit confusing, but overall I enjoyed the story.

But my favorite part was finally learning about Bones’ heritage and his history. I honestly cannot remember if it was revealed in the novels themselves, but here we learn the identity of his mother and father, as well as some aunts, uncles, and even a cousin hiding a lot closer to home than anyone imagined.

I also like how Jeaniene is incorporating more demons into her stories now. Or at least it feels that way.  Into the Fire dealt with demon deals, and a lot of the short stories I’m just discovering now feature a demon in some form or another.  Makes me curious to see what role they’ll play in the world when she comes out with her Night Rebel series.

But let’s finish off Nighthuntress first. The last (as far as I can tell) short story for that series, One for The Money coming right up!

Vampires Cat Crawford and her husband Bones’s romantic vacation is interrupted when they’re enlisted to guard a spoiled heiress with both human and undead hitmen on her tail. Things quickly go from bad to worse when details of their assignment make their way through the supernatural grapevine, and what started as a simple bodyguard job ends up being a fight for survival that neither Cat nor Bones saw coming.