Third in the Her Angel series by Felicity Heaton, Her Warrior Angel is so far the most interesting of the one of this all.

So in Her Fallen Angel, we discover that an angel has been working with demons and got a bunch of people killed, for which Lukas was framed for. Here in Her Warrior Angel, we see the angel Einar team up with demon hunter Taylor to find out exactly why an angel would throw in with a demon.  Turns out, a lot of money.

There’s a new drug trade in town, one mixed with demon blood I think it was? And the trail leads them to the seedy underworld where humans and supernatural collide, knowingly or unknowingly, and where it is eventually revealed that Taylor is only half human.  She’s also half demon, so that plus the consistent aid of Taylor’s ex-boyfriend master vampire to save his life gets Einar into a spot of trouble with the higher ups when they fall into bed together.

Einar and Taylor that is. The vampire was left to his own devices though he might not have minded joining in…

Anywhoodle, we’re going to jump back to Brandon Sanderson and check out his anthology Arcanum Unbounded next.

Brandon Sanderson creates worlds, and those worlds are linked. His universe spans the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series the tales of Elantris, and others, comprising a unique constellation of vividly imagined realms known as the Cosmere.

Now for the first time anywhere, stories representing each of these planets, and their fully realized and distinct magic systems, have been collected in a single spectacular volume. Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection brings together tales spanning the known limits of Sanderson’s universe–including the never-before-published Edgedancer, a thrilling new novella of the Stormlight Archive–along with charts, illustrations, notes…and secrets.