Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson is a collection of short stories set in the Cosmere universe which is where all the Mistborn books are set, ebook edition. Several of them have been published separately so if you’re one of those people like me who hate spending money on the same thing twice, might want to be careful with this one.

This one collection holds seven stories: The Emperor’s Soul, Alomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Mistborn: Secret History, White Sands, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, Sixth of Dusk, and Edgedancer.

The Emperor’s Soul was interesting. It’s about a young girl who is kidnapped/drafted into creating a new soul for an emperor who for all intents and purposes is brain dead. The whole concept behind this story is that every object in the world has its own soul, its own being.  And if you are trained properly and have an affinity for it, you can create stamps from special materials and essentially create anything you want from existing objects.  Within reason of course.  And all the theology/history behind this is too complex to put down here, so it’s best you read it yourself

But this young girl is the best at her craft, and to avoid civil war she is imprisoned with the promise of freedom on condition that she uses her abilities and these stamps to recreate the soul of a human being. Something forbidden and incredibly difficult to do.

Alomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania is the story of a gentleman cowboy named…well…Alomancer Jak. It takes place on the same planet as the Mistborn series I think, or at least the same universe since they speak of burning metals and alomancy spikes and Kolossus. Nothing overly noteworthy of this one, just Allomancer Jak stuck out in the wilds and trying to get home without being killed.  Alomancer Jak is also the main character of Sanderson’s young adult series.

Mistborn: Secret History is the bridge between the Mistborn novels, it tells the story of what happened to Kelsier after his death up to Vin sacrificing herself to take out the Lord Ruler. Bit complex and confusing, especially if you have not read the books themselves, but otherwise good.

White Sands is very Assassins Creed style. A sect of assassins lives and trains out in the deserts, using water from their own bodies (essentially) to shape the sands around them into whatever is needed at the time.  Weapon, a bridge, a sloped decent, anything at all.  This one is actually seems to be a manga series that I wouldn’t mind picking up.

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell from my previous review we already know is fantastic.

Sixth of Dusk is another I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. It’s about an old hunter named Sixth of Dusk who hunts on an alien island where everything can kill you, and he find a young woman stranded on the island and tries to save her.  Again, lots of back story that is a bit too complex to explain here, but man I really liked this story and hope I can find more of it.

Edgedancer is part of the Stormlight archives series and takes place between Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. I read this one, but didn’t have much interest in it so meh.

So pretty much everything in here has/will be published separately. Kinda glad I have them all in one place and overall I did enjoy reading Arcanum Unbounded, but you might want to pick and choose which ones you pick up.

Speaking of picking up, we’re checking out Shadows of Self again by Brandon Sanderson next.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.