Revenge Among Thieves by Ed Greenwood is a short story in the life of a very, very young Elminster. We never really find out what led to the events of this story, all we know is that Elminster wakes up on top of a tomb and beside the body of a woman he cared for deeply, perhaps even loved though that is not confirmed (to me at least) through the course of the story.

This is another little one that was hard to find, I can’t remember where I tracked it down, but it’s not a paper publication, and not even an ebook. Some kind of PDF file I stumbled across somewhere…


We are actually introduced to this story as ‘the darkest time’ in Elminster’s life, and I can see it. Elminster has always been harsh but fair on those occasions where he has been called to mete out justice.  He even errs on the side of mercy whenever and wherever possible.  But no mercy lies within him during this tale.

Mourning the loss of the woman, on top of the still-fresh loss of his parents, Elminster goes on what can be aptly described as a killing spree, hunting down every last member of the thieves’ guild responsible for her death and killing them.

One would think so much death and so much blood would turn one onto the wrong path. But Elminster is at his core a good person, so that combined with the intent to honor the lives and memories of those he has lost and loved kept him from walking in Manshoon’s shoes.

So yeah. Interesting little tidbit into the early life and times of the Realms most powerful and well known archmage.  We’re just going to continue on here with The Resurrection Agent by Erin M. Evans next.