Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown by Varric Tethras is another of those books taken from a fictional setting and made real. The first time I experienced this was with the show Castle and how the books that the author was writing in the show were being published in real life.

Now it’s happening again, but with a video game.

So for those who don’t know, Dragon Age is a series of high fantasy Role Playing Games (RPGs) for various consoles such as computers, Xbox, and Playstation. There are currently three installments of this franchise, Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O), Dragon Age II (DA II) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (DA:I).  And the author of this book Varric Tethras is a dwarf character who first appears as a companion to the player character (PC) in DA II, and appears again in DA:I as a secondary non player character (NPC).

In DA II we first hear of Varric writing this book Hard in Hightown, and in DA:I we learn that there is a whole series of them out.

Little bit different than what I was originally expecting. With the title and the reactions of some of the characters in the games as they read the series, I was thinking some kind of spicy romance, but it’s really a murder mystery type deal.  The main characters are a pair of guardsmen who find a magistrate murdered in their streets, then obviously have to solve the murder.

I still loved it though as a fan of the franchise. One of the guardsmen and many of the secondary characters are based off the companion characters from DA II, including the PC.

Not quite sure who the ghostwriter is for this one though…

Anyways, back to the Realms with us! Still trying to finish off all those little short stories I found, we have Seven They Were next by James P Davis.