Seven They Were by James P Davis is a bit of an odd one. It’s really hard to catch the thread of this story because it jumps around so much.

So in the first part we’re introduced to Serevan, youngest of a brood of three children born to a Nar warlord. Quiet and studious he ignores his brother’s bravado and goes about his own machinations.

Then we jump to the child of a king-priest, favored of the demon prince Graz’t and whose home has been conquered by the Nar.

Back to Serevan’s family, and his warlord’s father’s disspointment in the eldest son to breach the walls of a city he was to conqur.

Now we jump to a brother and sister who were raised in the wilds and disspaeared from their village one day with ‘ancient blood’ in their veins.

And it just goes back and forth like that. We’re eventually able to piece together that this Serevan is working on a dark ritual with a warlock? Sorcerer? Named Goorgian and that he needs the blood of seven children to make it work.

But what this ritual is, why they’re doing it, and just who these children are with ‘ancient blood’ in their veins is a complete mystery and I hate that. Don’t get me wrong the writing was fantastic and I super wanted more of it, just leaving it there with more questions than answers will always kinda irk me.

Few more to go! Another short story up next, Bold As Brass by Clayton Emery