Bold as Brass by Clayton Emery was a short story intended for an anthology called Neverwinter Nights that sadly never saw the light of day. And so far this is among my favorites of the Realms short stories I have come across.

We begin this story in the City of Brass in the Elemental Plane of Fire. We meet a djinn craftsmen Gisnervi who is to present a present to the favored grandchild of the sultan of the city.  Sadly for him, the gift is tampered with, the child is killed, and the djinn blamed and has to flee for his life.

Meanwhile on the material plane of Faerun, we meet Samir, a human blacksmith (I think, his race is never really mentioned or confirmed) on the run from the local cutthroat crafters guild. Captured by lizardfolk he is about to be killed and eaten when Gisnervi, on the run from the sultan’s gaurds, traverses the gateway of fire and pops out in the lizardfolk campsite, scaring most of them away and earning Samir’s gratitude.

In repayment for saving Samir’s life and after some discussion, Gisnervi tosses Samir into the plane of fire to try and have the boy Gisnervi doesn’t think is really dead.

Bit of slapstick here, but I enjoyed it because it was a fun, quick read set mostly in a plane we don’t often get to visit in the Realms so I liked it.

Now if this isn’t an interesting title I don’t know what is: Never a Warpig Born by Ed Greenwood is next.