Never a Warpig Born by Ed Greenwood is complete fluff. Just a fun, silly story about Elminster and the Simbul, and a boar who was once human.

Several years ago a warrior got too frisky with a priestess of Sune and was cursed by the priestess to wear the form of a boar until a series of inane and humerous tasks was accomplished.

When we meet this boar, he has completed all tasks but one: Kiss the Simbul, and return to being human.

Elminster and Mirt intercept the boar and his orc companion as they attempt just that, and Elminster has the brilliant idea to play a prank on his lover, the most powerful and volatile sorceress Faerun has seen in eons.

Not a bright idea.

But all’s well that ends well. The Simbul doesn’t kill anyone after being duped into kissing the boar, the boar is human once more, and Elminster of course makes off scot free.

So yeah. Total fluff, kinda more of a snippet of life between two lovers than anything else, but not bad.

Serpentsong by Richard Lee Byers is next.