So the full title of this short story is Pigs Explode: A Tale of the Seigebreakers. We were first introduced to the Seigebreakers in Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, also by Rosemary Jones, and fourth in The Dungeons series.

A rag tag and eccentric group of mercenaries who claim they can bring down any walls. Sometimes with very…unconventional…methods.

I’m not entirely sure when this story takes place in regards to the Seigebreaker’s timeline, whether its before or after the events of the Crypt. I assume before as that’s kinda how these things go, but it’s not for certain.

Anyways, the Seigebreakers have been contracted to bring down the tower of a wizard that has kinda been…well not terrorizing the local townsfolk so much as annoying them, by killing their herds of swine and ensuring the meat was unharvestable.

We’re brought into the story as the Seigebreakers are surveying the land, trying to figure out how they’ll take this tower down while the wizard is away, and they happen on a very interesting and gross idea. The land around the tower is littered with hog corpses, bloated and decaying slowly.  So what do they do? Break into the tower’s basement, pile up the bloated corpse, light a match and run.

The methane gas that had built up within the dead swine was more than enough to make a big bada boom and bring down the tower in rubble amid a shower of dust, debris and pig guts. A smelly but successful ending to their latest endeavor.

And that’s it. It was fun seeing the Seigebreakers run around again, there was a scene with a yappy chihuaha or something that was pretty funny.

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