Three Sisters Three Queens by Philipa Gregory is the 14th book she’s written within the Tudor saga, and if you’re reading the series by her suggested reading order based on real world chronology, it falls in line as the 8th book in the series.

The title is a bit misleading. At first glance you think of the three sisters all being related by blood, when in fact it’s the story of two blood related sisters and an in law: Margaret Tudor, Mary Tudor (sisters of King Henry the VIII) and Katherine of Aragon (his wife) who were all queens of England, France, and Scotland respectively.

It’s told entirely from the perspective of Margaret Tudor, and at times it was very hard to like this woman. She seemed very spoiled and vain, every time the attention was taken away from her for whatever reason she would complain about being ignored and put out.  The only time I really sympathized with her was when she was trying to live her own life free of the rules of the men who controlled her.  She fell in love with a man and married him after the death of her first husband on her own terms, but when it was found out he was no good, she fought to be free of him and was thwarted at every turn, even losing her firstborn son from her care for many years, having her second born die in captivity, and her daughter sent away from her.

That being said, despite my disconnect from the main character I could not put this book down. It features a bit more of Scottish history since Margaret Tudor married King James IV so that was what really held my interest to be honest.

Super excited for The Last Tudor, but we’ll have to wait a wee bit for that, as The Weaver of Dreams by Ed Greenwood is next.