End of the Realms

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So this is a bittersweet day for me.  I have recently discovered that as of , there are no more Forgotten Realms books.

There is no official word from Wizards of the Coast as of yet, but a few authors on different sites I frequent have piped in whenever the question has arisen.  The Realms authors seems to be a tight knight community, and the few who have spoken up have confirmed that there are no new Realms books contracted from any of them.

This is really hard for me to hear, but there is a slim hope that some other publisher will pick it up.  Thankfully my paperback collection is almost complete, I only need Shadowmask from the Stone of Tymora trilogy.  Although I did decide to expand my collection a wee bit and pick up the Abyssal Plague series so I need a few of those.  Next it’s the ebooks, and with a little lick I can space everything out until next year before the withdrawal sets in.

And even then, there’s still all the D&D 5e stuff that they’re coming out with, so I should have a goo stockpile for a bit.

But, seeing as no more Realms books are being published, here is a list of all Realms books published from 1983 to 2016, ebooks and cross worlds included, compiled from both Wikipedia and the Realms wiki.  As of today I do not own any of the eBooks, and have starred the paperbacks I do not yet own.

33 years…fuck that’s as old as I am… o_o

Abolethic Sovereignty

  • Plague of Spells
  • City of Torment
  • Key of Stars

Abyssal Plague

  • The Gates of Madness **
  • The Mark of Nerath
  • The Temple of The Yellow Skulls
  • Oath of Vigilance
  • The Eye of The Chained God**
  • Sword of the Gods
  • Under The Crimson Sun by Keith R. A. DeCandido
  • Spinner of Lies Bruce R. Cordell (eBook)


  • Realms of Valor
  • Realms of Infamy
  • Realms of Magic
  • Realms of the Underdark
  • Realms of the Arcane
  • Realms of Mystery
  • The Best of the Realms
  • The Best of the Realms II: The Stories of Ed Greenwood
  • The Best of the Realms III

The Avatar Series

  • Shadowdale
  • Tantras
  • Waterdeep
  • Prince of Lies
  • Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad

The Baldur’s Gate Series

  • Baldur’s Gate
  • Baldur’s Gate 2: The Shadows of Amn
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal

Blades of the Moonsea

  • The Swordmage
  • Corsair
  • Avenger

Brimstone Angels

  • Brimstone Angels
  • Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils
  • Brimstone Angels: Fire In The Blood
  • Brimstone Angels: Ashes Of The Tyrant
  • Brimstone Angels: The Devil You Know

Brotherhood of the Griffon

  • The Captive Flame
  • Whisper of Venom
  • The Spectral Blaze
  • The Masked Witches
  • Prophet of the Dead

Chosen of Nendawen

  • The Fall of Highwatch
  • The Hand of the Hunter
  • Cry of the Ghost Wolf

The Citadels

  • Neversfall,
  • Obsidian Ridge
  • The Shield of Weeping Ghosts
  • Sentinelspire

The Cities

  • The City of Ravens
  • Temple Hill
  • The Jewel of Turmish
  • The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel

The Cleric Quintet

  • Canticle
  • In Sylvan Shadows
  • Night Masks
  • The Fallen Fortress
  • The Chaos Curse

Cold Steel And Secrets

  • Part 1 (Ebook)
  • Part 2 (Ebook,)
  • Part 3 (Ebook)
  • Part 4 (Ebook)

Companions Codex

  • Night Of The Hunter
  • Rise Of The King
  • Vengeance Of The Iron Dwarf

The Cormyr Saga

  • Cormyr: A Novel
  • Beyond the High Road
  • Death of the Dragon

Counselors & Kings

  • The Magehound
  • The Floodgate
  • The Wizardwar

The Dark Elf Trilogy

  • Homeland
  • Exile
  • Sojourn

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

  • The Abduction
  • The Paladins
  • The Mercenaries
  • Errand of Mercy
  • An Opportunity for Profit
  • Conspiracy,
  • Uneasy Alliances
  • Easy Betrayals
  • The Diamond

The Druidhome Trilogy

  • Prophet of Moonshae
  • The Coral Kingdom
  • The Druid Queen

The Dungeons

  • Depths of Madness
  • The Howling Delve
  • Stardeep
  • Crypt of the Moaning Diamond

The Elminster Series

  • Elminster – The Making of a Mage
  • Elminster in Myth Drannor
  • The Temptation of Elminster
  • Elminster in Hell
  • Elminster’s Daughter
  • Elminster Must Die
  • Bury Elminster Deep
  • Elminster Enraged

The Empires Trilogy

  • Horselords
  • Dragonwall
  • Crusade

The Empyrean Odyssey

  • The Gossamer Plain
  • The Fractured Sky
  • The Crystal Mountain

The Erevis Cale Trilogy

  • Twilight Falling
  • Dawn of Night
  • Midnight’s Mask

The Fighters

  • Master of Chains
  • Ghostwalker
  • Son of Thunder
  • Bladesinger

The Finder’s Stone Trilogy

  • Azure Bonds
  • The Wyvern’s Spur
  • Song of the Saurials

The Harpers

  • The Parched Sea
  • Elfshadow
  • Red Magic
  • The Night Parade
  • The Ring of Winter
  • Crypt of the Shadowking
  • Soldiers of Ice
  • Elfsong
  • Crown of Fire
  • Masquerades
  • Curse of the Shadowmage
  • The Veiled Dragon
  • Silver Shadows
  • Stormligh
  • Finder’s Bane
  • Thornhold
  • Rise of the Blade -never published because the Harpers series was canceled. The novel is available for reading online at the author Charles Alexander Moffat official website.

The Haunted Lands

  • Unclean
  • Undead
  • Unholy
  • Realms of the Dead


  • Archmage
  • Maestro
  • Hero

House of Serpents

  • Venom’s Taste
  • Viper’s Kiss
  • Vanity’s Brood

The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy

  • The Thousand Orcs
  • The Lone Drow
  • The Two Swords

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

  • The Crystal Shard
  • Streams of Silver
  • The Halfling’s Gem

The Knights of Myth Drannor

  • Swords of Eveningstar
  • Swords of Dragonfire
  • The Sword Never Sleeps

The Lady Penitent

  • Sacrifice of the Widow
  • Storm of the Dead
  • Ascendancy of the Last

The Last Mythal

  • Forsaken House
  • Farthest Reach
  • Final Gate
  • Realms of the Elves

Legacy of the Drow

  • The Legacy
  • Starless Night
  • Siege of Darkness
  • Passage to Dawn


Lost Empires

  • The Lost Library of Cormanthyr
  • Faces of Deception,
  • Star of Cursrah
  • The Nether Scroll

The Lost Gods


  • Finder’s Bane,
  • Fistandantilus Reborn
  • Tymora’s Luck

The Maztica Trilogy

  • Ironhelm
  • Viperhand
  • Feathered Dragon

The Moonshae Trilogy

  • Darkwalker on Moonshae
  • Black Wizards
  • Darkwell


  • Murder in Cormyr
  • Murder in Tarsis
  • Murder in Halruaa

Netheril Trilogy

  • Sword Play
  • Dangerous Games
  • Mortal Consequences

Neverwinter Saga

  • Gauntlgrym
  • Neverwinter
  • Charon’s Claw
  • The Last Threshold

The Nobles

  • King Pinch
  • War in Tethyr
  • Escape from Undermountain
  • The Mage in the Iron Mask
  • The Council of Blades
  • The Simbul’s Gift

Paths of Darkness

  • The Silent Blade
  • The Spine of the World
  • Servant of the Shard
  • Sea of Swords 

The Pools

  • Pool of Radiance
  • Pools of Darkness
  • Pool of Twilight

The Priests

  • Lady of Poison
  • Mistress of the Night
  • Maiden of Pain
  • Queen of the Depths

Return of the Archwizards

  • The Summoning
  • The Siege
  • The Sorcerer
  • Realms of Shadow

The Rogues

  • The Alabaster Staff
  • The Black Bouquet
  • The Crimson Gold
  • The Yellow Silk

The Sage Of Shadowdale

  • Elminster Must Die
  • Bury Elminster Deep
  • Elminster Enraged

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy

  • The Sapphire Crescent
  • The Ruby Guardian
  • The Emerald Sceptre

The Sellswords

  • Servant of the Shard
  • Promise of the Witch-King
  • Road of the Patriarch

Sembia: Gateway To The Realms

  • The Halls of Stormweather
  • Shadow’s Witness
  • The Shattered Mask
  • Black Wolf
  • Heirs of Prophecy
  • Sands of the Soul
  • Lord of Stormweather

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy

  • Shadows of Doom
  • Cloak of Shadows
  • All Shadows Fled

Shandril’s Saga

  • Spellfire
  • Crown of Fire
  • Hand of Fire

Shadowbane Series

  • Downshadow
  • Shadowbane (eBook)
  • Eye of Justice (eBook)

Songs & Swords

  • Elfshadow
  • Elfsong
  • Silver Shadows
  • Thornhold The Dream Spheres

Starlight & Shadows

  • Daughter of the Drow
  • Tangled Webs
  • Windwalker

The Stone of Tymora

  • The Stowaway
  • The Shadowmask
  • The Sentinels

The Sundering

  • The Companions
  • The Godborn,
  • The Adversary
  • The Reaver
  • The Sentinel
  • The Herald

Sword Of The Gods

  • Spinner Of Lies (eBook)

The Threat from the Sea

  • Rising Tide,
  • Under Fallen Stars
  • The Sea Devil’s Eye
  • Realms of the Deep


  • The Orc King
  • The Pirate King
  • The Ghost King


The Twilight Giants

  • The Ogre’s Pact
  • The Giant Among Us
  • The Titan of Twilight

The Twilight War

  • Shadowbred
  • Shadowstorm
  • Shadowrealm
  • Realms of War

Unbroken Chain

  • Unbroken Chain
  • Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road

War of the Spider Queen

  • Dissolution
  • Insurrection
  • Condemnation
  • Extinction
  • Annihilation
  • Resurrection

The Watercourse Trilogy

  • Whisper of Waves
  • Lies of Light
  • Scream of Stone

Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep

  • Blackstaff Tower
  • Mistshore
  • Downshadow
  • City of the Dead
  • The God Catcher
  • Circle of Skulls

The Wilds

  • The Fanged Crown
  • The Restless Shore
  • The Edge of Chaos
  • Wrath of the Blue Lady

The Wizards

  • Blackstaff
  • Bloodwalk
  • Darkvision
  • Frostfell

The Year of Rogue Dragons

  • The Rage
  • The Rite
  • The Ruin
  • Realms of the Dragons
  • Realms of the Dragons II

Other titles

  • Once Around the Realms
  • Evermeet: Island of Elves
  • The Shadow Stone
  • The Glass Prison
  • Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters
  • Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
  • Sandstorm
  • Dawnbringer
  • Venom in Her Veins
  • The Rose of Sarifal
  • The Gilded Rune
  • Prince Of Ravens (eBook)
  • If Ever They Happened Upon My Lair (eBook)
  • Spider and Stone  (eBook)
  • Spellstorm
  • Death Masks
  • Untold Stories

Faith and Vigilance

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The Sentinel is the second to last book of the Sundering series, and it took a bit for me to get into, again because there was no real connection with the character going in.  But other than that I quite enjoyed it.

We are introduced Kleef, Chosen of the dead god Helm and a member of the watch of Marsembar who is probably the only honest man on the payroll.  When the shadowvar chase two fellow Chosen through the streets of his city carrying the Eye of Gruumsh, naturally the servant of the Watcher feels obligated to get involved and ensure the safety of all caught up in this quest.

And an interesting quest this is.  With the worlds of Abeir and Toril separating at long last, many gods and almost-gods are vying to be in the perfect spot to gain more power in the inevitable vaccum that will be left behind, as some of those who were on Toril before the joining of the worlds choose to leave.

One such creature it the earth primordial, who just so happens to be the lover of Gruumsh’s wife.  Tempted into leaving, thinking his love was lost to him, she stole the eye of her husband to give to her lover as a token.  The task of the Chosen are to see it to the primordial’s alter and appropriately scarified to tie the primordial to the plane of Toril.  Or at least that’s the hope.  It is assumed once he has received such a token of love and fidelity he will choose to stay, retaining his mantle so that non other can take it up and gain more power.

Well, that’s the gist of it.  It is a tad bit more complex than that, but those are the bones of it.  What I found most interesting was that nothing was really as it seemed.  See there are four main characters, four Chosen in this story.  One isn’t really a Chosen at all, and another is not the Chosen of the god he claims.  You think these two are going to fall for each other, when really it’s those two. You think this person is going to sacrifice themselves, then you think that person, when really it’s someone else altogether!

It changes direction a lot, but it’s done in such a way that it’s kinda your fault, if that makes sense.  Like the story doesn’t directly point to the assumptions you make, you just make them based on what you (well I guess me in this case) make about books like this, and then it’s revealed that you were wrong all along.

So it’s a mind hump, but in a good way.  And it all makes sense which is better.

And now we move right along to the sixth and last book of the Sundering, The Herald by Ed Greenwoo.

Chaos grips Faerûn as vainglory, prophecy, and ancient forces comingle in the shadows cast by war.  Agents of the Shadovar lurk in the corners of Candlekeep in search of the arcane secrets that will power their war machine toward Myth Drannor. Gods and their Chosen run amok, all in a gambit to seize power. And a threat foretold by an ancient seer stirs.

At the heart of it all, Mystra, the great Goddess of Magic, has withdrawn from the world. Without her protection, Elminster, her greatest champion, fears for the nascent Weave, the fabric of magic Mystra wields to bind Faerûn. Will the Nightseer Shar, mistress of the great and fearsome Shadovar, seize the opportunity to blanket the world with her Shadow Weave?

With the help of Storm Silverhand and his protégé Amarune, Elminster works frantically to strengthen the Weave’s tethers and forestall what seems an inevitable reckoning. But other interests machinate for their own sinister ends.

As the Sundering draws nigh, Elminster and his heroic cohort must see the signs for what they are. The choice of worlds lies in the balance.

Old Friends, Older Enemies

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First in the Companions Codex, the most recent (and possibly last) series of the Drizz’t Saga.

This was full of so many feels for me.  It’s the first book where the Companions of the Hall are reunited in mind, body, and purpose.  And what a purpose that is.

The events of over a century ago looks like they are about to have some hidden and unintended consequences.  The Treaty of Garumm’s Gorge was created to bring peace between the orcs and the Silver Marches, but now it looks like it was a move in a long game Loth and Grummsh were running.

Because now Loth is on the move, and calling on some friends to join her.  We spend a lot of time with the drow of Menzoberranzan, where we learn that Loth is not pleased.  As Drizz’t traveled with Dahlia and Entreri in the Neverwinter series, Loth was making power plays for his soul, hoping to corrupt him.  But thanks to Meilikki intervening and offering his friends to choice to come back and help him, his soul was saved from Loth and delivered once again into Meilikki’s hands.

So now Loth, in spite of or perhaps because of this loss, is making a play for the shattered Weave, hoping to become the supreme Mistress of Magic and greater than all the other gods.

But in order to achieve that, certain steps must be taken on the surface.  So in tandem with Gauntlegrym (newly renamed as the drow city of Q’Xlorrin) the drow weave a mighty spell called the Darkening to…well…darken the skies above the Silver Marches, allowing Loth’s dark children to walk freely and wreak what havoc they can.

And among all this happening, the Companions of the Hall are wrestling with the implications of the treaty they signed so long ago, as Meilikki herself condemned it, telling her new disciple Cattie-Brie that all orckind and goblinkin are irredeemably evil and therefore, a blight on the face of Faerun, and that the treaty was a foolish move.

Tied to all this, in Q’Xlorrin, Entreri and Dahlia are held captive, with the elf female being tortured in mind and body until she breaks and is offered up as a sacrifice to Loth and turned into a living effigy within the new temple of Q’Xlorrin.  Of course when Drizz’t eventually catches wind that Enteri at least is captured by his dark kin, he enlists the companions to help him save the assassin.  And in the process Cattie-Brie and Dahlia face off against each other and battle things out, as Loth had taken over poor Dhalia and used her as an avatar, with Meilikki doing the same to Cattie-Brie.

So…yeah.  Hell of a lot going on here, and there’s a million other smaller things happening that I can’t even begin to tell you here.  I cannot wait to see what happens next, and I can’t help but wonder what happened to make Loth and Meilikki such enemies.  Is it personal? Because of Drizz’t?  Or just a result of their natures clashing, evil chaos vs natural order?

I don’t, and may never know.  But it will be fun trying to find out! After the next book though.  We have The Sentinel, fifth in the Sundering series next.

Stubbornly clinging to his family’s worship of a long-forgotten god, Kleef soon discovers that his god has blessed him with divine gifts, making him one of a new group of Chosen cropping up around the Realms. This divine gift makes him an excellent ally — and a target for those who wish to corral his powers.

After battling his way out of Marsember, a city besieged on all sides in the wake of the Sundering, he becomes swept up in the mission of a group of odd allies — a warrior princess, an accomplished thief, and a mysterious short pudgy man exuding a faint odor of decay. With the forces of Shade tracking their every step, they set out to thwart the rise of the goddess of death, but before long Kleef discovers that his allies hide dangerous secrets — secrets that could destroy not only Kleef but the very fabric of the Forgotten Realms.

Pirates Ho!

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The Reaver is the fourth book in the Sundering series, and the first one I had difficulties with.  Mostly because the first three were like ‘GASP! I KNOW THIS CHARACTER! I AM NOW SO INTERESTED/INVESTED IN THIS STORY!’ so I was able to get through them fairly quickly.  This one was a new character, never introduced to before, so I wasn’t as eager to read it at first.

But aside from that it wasn’t bad.  We are introduced to a Turmish prince-turned-pirate who is hired to kidnap a young prophet, a Chosen of the returned Lathander so he can be sacrificed on the altar of Umberlee by her Chosen.  And it just so happens that the boy is also pursued by minions of Thay, as Szass Tam has notions of godhood and is intent on capturing and sacrificing a Chosen of any god in order to absorb the spark of divinity that the Chosen harbors inside themselves and thus take on some deific mantle.

Chosen are popping up by the dozen as well, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Anywhoodle, this obviously does not happen, as the pirate turns back into a prince and does what he can to rescue the boy and keep him from both Umberlee and Thay so that he can help some Chosen of Silvanus stop the Great Flood.

Part of what happened during the original upheaval of the Spellplague was an incessant rainstorm over the Sea of Fallen Stars.  Sunlight rarely seeps through the black clouds, and the rain never stops, not once in a hundred year.  This has caused the sea to rise dramatically, and in correlation with the rising sea level, so too has the worship of Umberlee arisen.

But the boy intends to change all that, as Lathander says that a new world is being born and the storm was just the birth waters that precedes the great event of new life.  Now that this new life is to take hold, the waters must stop falling and start receding.  And only the combined might of Silvanus and Lathander can hope to halt the advance of Umberlee and her minions.

I cannot wait to get to the end of the Sundering and see what happens.  But before we move on to that, we’re going to check out Night of the Hunder, first in the Companions Codex trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.

See, I finally got smart and I’m reading them in publication order so I stop mixing up timelines and spoiling story arcs for myself 😛

Drizzt Do’Urden returns to Gauntlgrym with old friends by his side once again, as they seek to rescue Bruenor’s loyal shield dwarf-turned-vampire. But not only do Drizzt and his allies face a perilous journey through the Underdark and the dangers of the undead that lie within, but they must cross through a colony of drow, who would like nothing better than to see Drizzt Do’Urden dead.  

Moar Awesomeness Please!

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Wow…just…wow.  The Adversary is the third book in the Sundering series, third in the Brimestone Angels saga, and I could not put it down.  My fingers are itching to pick up the fourth Brimestone Angel book, Fire In The Blood, but alas I must wait.

 The Adversary brings us back to teifling twins Faridah and Havilar shortly after the events of Brimstone Angel’s Lesser Evils, and things swiftly go sideways.

 Once again, in an attempt to protect herself, her sister, and Lorcan her cambion pact holder, warlock Faridah makes a deal with another devil, and the three are held in stasis for almost ten years.  When they are released, the girls are now women grown and estranged from their friends and family who have thought them dead for almost a decade.

 Thankfully proving everyone wrong, the twins are reunited but it does not feel so good.  There is much anger towards Faridah and her choices, so much so that when the terms of her pact are called into play, she attempts to leave without alerting anyone, thinking they’re all better off without her.

 But not-so-fallen-paladin-of Oghma Dahl catches her as she tries to sneak out and is unwittingly whisked away with her to the tower of an old enemy, and what turns out to be a camp of Chosen.

 Lots more happens of course, but it all boils down to the devil-become-god-of-sin Asmodeaus and his bid for more/continuing power by stealing the sparks of other gods.

 See, when a god chooses a Chosen, the Chosen is imbued with a spark of power from that god.  What the god of sin is trying to do is find these Chosen and extract the spark of godhood that each has within them, although we still are not 100% sure as to why.

 We learn a bit more riiiiiiight at the very end about the infamous Brimestone Angel and ancestor of the tiefling twins Bryseis Kakistos, who is not as dead as we thought and has some interesting plans for the twins, both of whom we suspect are Chosen of Asmodeus himself.

 Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

 But anything more on them will have to wait a bit.  I decided the best way to not hop over important world plots was to read whatever I have left in publication order.

 Oh, and I also figured out that the little…poem?  Prophecy?  At the beginning of each of the Sundering books is actually speaking about the events of the series, with each stanza representing one of the books.  So for the first three stanzas I can draw the line right away between verse and book.  I’ll see if I can puzzle through the next one a wee bit before starting on book 4, the Reaver.

 Don’t got much time for pondering though, as The Reaver is what we’re going to be looking at next!

Endless storms wrack the Sea of Fallen Stars and the coastal regions surrounding it. In panic and despair, many have turned to the goddess Umberlee, Queen of the Deeps, offering her sacrifices with hope that they will be spared the inevitable reckoning of her perpetual tempest.

Evendur Highcastle, undead pirate captain, raised from the depths to assume the mantle Umberlee’s Chosen, takes advantage of the people’s desperation to strike for both spiritual and temporal power in her name.

Vying with Highcastle for the hearts of and minds of the people is Stedd Whitehorn, a little boy and the chosen of a god thought lost to time: Lathander, the Morninglord. In a time of such upheaval, Stedd’s message of renewal and hope runs in stark contrast to the savage ethos of Highcastle and his waveservants.

When Anton captures the boy in order to collect Highcastle’s considerable bounty, the reaver is quickly caught in the riptide caused by the sundering of the worlds.



Death Is Not What It Seems

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It’s been a while since I last read any of the Sembia series, like a couple years at least, so I can’t really compare this with the others as I don’t remember really what the other ones were like.  I’ll have to treat this one as a stand alone and see how it goes.

For the most part I enjoyed it.  It did get a little confusing at the end when they were trying to explain how everything tied in together, but otherwise it was good.

We are introduced once more to the Sembian noble family the Uskevrens: Patriarch Thamalon, matriarch Shamur, eldest Tamlin, second son Talbot, only legitimate daughter Tazi, half elf bastard children and good old Erevis Cale.  Everyone is still kinda reeling in one way or another from the events of the first six books so there is a bit of catch up for the reader as there are brief recaps, but as soon as things seem like they’re about to get back to normal, Thamalon, Shamur, and Cale are drawn into a magical painting intended to kill Thamalon.  But instead of killing him or anyone eles, long dormant magics in the foundation of the family home Stormweather Towers transports the three to a world between worlds, where an evil scorcerer rules with an iron fist.

A sorcerer that looks like Tamlin and is actually Thamalon’s long-thought-deceased father.

Apparently when Thamalon’s father passed, this same magic trapped his soul in a nexus world, from which he found or was able to create the lands that the younger Uskevrens found him in.  But for the longest time he was essentially trapped in nexus world, until young Tamlin and his aptitude for magic was born.

Seeing a chance, the elder Uskevren sapped the magic and appearance of his grandson and eventually made his way to his new world where he ruled it with stolen magic.  When Thamalon, Shamur, and Cale are trapped in his world, Tamlin and siblings never give up the search for their family, a quest that eventually leads them to the right place and to a fantastical duel between grandfather and grandson.

Then back to Stormweather Towers to face yet another magical spellduel, a gibbering mouther, and the death of the patriarch.

Overall, I did enjoy this book.  My heart broke a little bit for Cale as he is in love with the Uskevren daughter and I know where that love will lead him.  But as I said when they were trying to explain all the magics as to how the nexus world existed and the grandfather was able to do what he did, it was hard to make sense of it all, but thankfully that did not detract any from my enjoyment of the overall story.

Ploughing along with the Realms (I am determined to read them all by the end of the year), we have book 3 of the Sundering series with The Adversary next.

As the chaos of the Sundering rages around her, young warlock Farideh faces a more personal turmoil wrought by a deal she made with a devil years ago. Hoping to protect her twin sister, she leaves everything she holds dear to assist a wizard in a scheme that pits the devils of the Nine Hells against the gods above.

But when Farideh casts the spell to enter the wizard’s remote mountaintop fortress, she picks up a stowaway &mdahs; a Harper agent named Dahl who isn’t so inclined to follow devilish demands. Dahl attempts to escape only to run into a village of odd people, lurking behind an impenetrable wall.

Forced to gaze into the villagers’ souls, Farideh points out the ones who seem different, only to watch as the wizard’s guard carts them off to fates unknown. Are these villagers or prisoners? Are they blessed or doomed by the gods? As the wizard’s guessing game proves more and more diabolical, Farideh resolves to unravel his secrets — even if it means she’ll lose her own soul to the Nine Hells.

..And Soul Trapping Gemstones

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Last but not least of DDTS, The Diamond brings it all home and ends all the anguish and turmoil on a very happy note.  But it starts of very sad.

The Open Lord is declared dead and the city is in mourning.  The paladins arrive in the nick of time with the missing piece of the Open Lord’s soul and revives him.  After relaying their tale they decide to hold a funeral for the Eidola-ganger, as to many within the city of Waterdeep she was a tragic figure and after so much hustle and bustle the city needed to come together over something, and what else is better to bring people together than the funeral of a lovely bride tragically taken from her husband and killed before her wedding?

Well the only thing better than that is a an actual wedding!  See the Eidola-ganger had actually based herself on the Open Lord’s first wife, who he had believed had died years ago. Turns out she was just in a magical coma like the Open Lord was, as the Eidola-ganger stole her soul to take on her seeming, and trapped it in the same gem with a fragment of the Open Lord’s soul.  So when the Open Lord was freed and went to lay one never-wife next to a past-wife, the last soul within the gem sensed it’s body and returned to it, returning the Open Lord’s first love back to life.

And since wedding vows are usually ‘till death do us part’ and both of them were technically dead, well.  Nothing to be done but get married again, isn’t there?

Overall impression of this series, I think it might have done better as one book, and if they consolidated some parts of it.  There was this thing where the Open Lord’s soul was exploring the confines of the soul gem and came across seeming’s of the heroes sent to rescue the Eidola-ganger and they were in a forest and there was a tree and some mirrors…

Honestly I skipped a lot of that, mostly because it was making little to no sense, but also because I was just impatient to get on with it.

Speaking of getting on with it, lookit what I missed a few years back!  Here I thought I had all of the Sembia series, and it looks like it missed one!  Let’s take care of that right now shall we?  Lord of Stormweather, by Dave Gross, book seven in the Sembia saga is next.

Thamalon Uskevren II — The heir to the Uskevren fortune never expected in herit so much so soon.

After a sorcerous attack on Stormweather Towers cuts the family in half; Tamlin must learn to lead the survivors before a deadly assassin finishes the job. Too bad nobody seems willing to follow his lead. Worse still, some of them want him dead.

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