…Rampaging Demons…

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Pretty much what it says. Book seven of nine in DDTS, Uneasy Alliances sees the paladins and pirates team up and continue to battle their way through a demon infested city to destroy the Bloodforge and one of the curses on the lands of the Utter East once and for all.

Moving Right along…Easy Betrayals by Richard Baker Next.






A mixed company of paladins and mercenaries race back to Faerun after the object of their quest is revealed as a threat to peace and order throughout the Realms. But beware! The evil will lead them on a chase that ends in the last place any of them expected…

…Cannibalistic Blood Cults…

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In book six of nine for DDTS, we are finally learning about depth of The Conspiracy (hint hint) that surrounds our heroes.  The lady Eidola is revealed as a doppelganger, who knows if the lady in question actually ever existed or was just a doppelganger creation?  As well as the fact that the squid king intentionally kidnapped ‘her’, not knowing what she really was in the beginning in order to lure an army to come save her and at the same time rid his country of demons.

Only thing is our heroes can’t really do much about that right now, as the denizens of the hells are breaking through and the parties have split up: some to track down the doppelganger, others to the fabled Bloodforge, both sides having to battle great forces to achieve their goals.

Things are really coming to a head now!  Up next is Uneasy Alliances by David Zeb Cook.



…An Assassin…

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Pirate and paladins finally collide here in An Opportunity for Profit, fifth of nine in the DDTS.

Last we saw the pirates they were trekking through the jungle being picked off one by one by a bone demon, increasing losing faith in their mysterious employer despite his constant ability to keep them all from being killed outright.  The finally make it to the realms of the Utter East and the city where the paladins are searching.

Just bad luck when the pirates first arrive in the city they try to clean up a bit at a public fountain and the paladins bump into them.

Worse luck for them, one of them recognizes their employer as Artemis Entreri, fabled assassin of the Realms, and through Wonder Woman’s Lasso of truth, wielded by non other than young lordling Noph, the pirate’s true cross roads purpose is exposed to the paladins, leading to some understandable animosity.

For the most part the two parties avoid each other for the nonce, at least until the pirates face off against the squid king and find out what he really is.

Almost done here folks.  Yeah I’m kinda feeling it myself.  Next is book six in the DDTS: The Conspiracy by J Robert King.

As the search continues in the Utter East for the kidnapped bride of Waterdeep, the forces of the paladins and the mercenaries converge. For the first time, the dark secret behind the abduction is revealed, and the searchers realize their quest is barely begun.

…A Kraken King…

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The paladins have finally arrived at their destination within the Utter East, but they find betrayal at their backs.  Literally.  The lady mage and daughter of the fallen lord Piergeiron has blown up the portal behind them in Undermountain that they had just stepped through, leaving them stranded far from home in a foreign land, and things are about to get from bad to worse.

For while the local king and his people are friendly on the surface, the origins of the kingdoms has a dark history of fell magic and fallen temples.  And to make matters worse, the lands are beset by fiends and the people infected with magical ailments, cursed by the very items their rulers use to protect them.

Brought before the king, they discover the local curse has twisted him into a grotesque aquatic creature.  A creature however, who is willing to assist them if they are able to help take care of the demons infesting the lands around them.  The paladins have no choice but to agree, both to achieve their mission and to return home.

Here’s another one that did not particularly grab me character/story wise.  I think I’m more invested in seeing the end game which is why I keep reading these.

Onwards and upwards my friends!  Book 5 of DDTS: An Opportunity for Profit by Dave Gross is next.

The pirates hired to assassinate the kidnapped Waterdeep bride are hot on their prey. Having landed on the shores of the Utter East, they face great danger–all without knowing the identity of their employer. Now, as the pirates make their way across the eastern kingdoms, fate sets them on a collision course with another interested party.

…Couple of Pirates…

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So this one I actually got pretty bored with.  The Mercenaries is the third of nine in the DDTS and it focuses largely on a dark stranger who cobbles together a crew of pirates and former pirates to head to the same place as the rescue party of Paladins for an opposing reason: kill Eidola.

But the whole premise in the beginning doesn’t make any sense!  It seems like all the characters we’re introduced to here are just thrown into the story for the hell of it.  It’s not until the end when the mercenaries meet up with the paladins that things become a bit more clear. We still have no idea who hired the hit on Eidola, but we learn the identity of the dark little man who was contracted to take her out.  None other than Artemis Entreri.

Well…suggested here and confirmed in later books.

So yeah…while the beginning was kinda blech, the ending was awesome!  Just the merest HINT that our resident favorite assassin has returned is enough to guarantee that things are going to get interesting…

Lets see just how interesting as we continue on hmm? Errand of Mercy, book 4 in the DDTS by Roger E Moore is next.

The paladins sent by the Lord of Waterdeep to rescue his kidnapped bride have arrived in a kingdom of the Utter East. The monarch seems friendly, but the kingdom is beset by menacing fiends. Before the ruler agrees to help the knights in their quest, there is just one small task they must perform.

..Some Holy Men…

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Now this, this I was excited to read.  I always love it when characters make a comeback, no matter how big or small.

The Paladins is the second of nine in the Double Diamond Triangle Saga (DDTS) and brings back some old friends for me.  Khelban Blackstaff was brought forward as Lord Mage of Waterdeep in The Abduction, and now that the Open Lord has fallen into a magical coma and his bride to be has been kidnapped, it is up to the Blackstaff to mount up the rescue party to find the lady while he deals with the lord.

And for some reason the rescue party is like 90% paladins.  There is Miltiades and Kern from the Pools sagas, as well as Piergeiron’s daughter, a paladin who has lost his face, another paladin who might be a disguise for someone/something else, and a young noble lordling off on his first adventure.  And that first adventure is to Undermountain to find a portal that will send the party to the Utter East, the one place that defies Khelben’s scrying attempts at locating the missing bride to be.

All they have to do is take a group of paladins through the dank streets of Skullport and circumvent a conjured army of demons to reach the gate.

No problemo.

Nothing really stuck out for me with the Paladins, aside from my excitement at seeing the characters Miltiades and Kern again.  We’ll just have to see how book 3 The Mercenaries by Ed Greenwood goes.

A shadowy figure hires a group of unemployed pirates to aid him on a dangerous mission. But the mission has a hidden purpose, and somewhere behind the scenes it connects to the kidnapping of a young bride from Waterdeep.

A Kidnapping…

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First in a nine part mini series, the opening to the epic Double Diamond Triangle saga is pretty straightforward.  Piergeiron Paladinson, Open Lord of Waterdeep is about to get married!  However the festivities are colored by spell slingers and shapeshifters who wish to do him and/or his bride harm.  The first wave of attacks is fended off, only for the bride to be kidnapped at the alter and for the Open Lord to fall into a coma.  Oh woe is Waterdeep!  Who shall save the lord and his lady!

Tune in next time on….

No seriously though that’s pretty much what happens.  Joy, attack, more joy, kidnapping, summon a rescue party, but the lord is asleep.  Next!

The interesting thing here is that you get the feeling right from the start that something is not quite right with the lady Eidola.  She seems very stoic and cold for a blushing bride, and not at all affectionate towards her soon to be husband.  Now if this was a marriage of political expedience it would be understood.  But Piergeiron acts like the two are in love with each other, rather than the affection being one sided or non existent.

This disharmony between the character as she was versus as she should have been is what drew me in and made me want to continue reading the saga, which is exactly what we’re going to do.  Onwards friends, to book 2 The Paladins by James M Ward.

The “Double Diamond Triangle Saga” continues! Lord Piergeiron has fallen ill, but his loyal retainers prepare to rescue his abducted fiancee. But their quest lies far beyond the areas around Waterdeep, and in the uncharted Utter East.


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